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The future of food: the answer lies in science

By Carolina Najar, Food Market Value Director at AZTI We have been in permanent transformation for some time now and the impacts we have in virtually all sectors come from global casuistry. Food is undoubtedly and has always been an essential sector. But it is becoming increasingly complex to respond to rapid population growth and […]

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ayudas formación ikertalent

Develop your career at AZTI through the IKERTALENT programme

3 pre-doctoral research positions and 3 positions for technologists. The initiative is focused on boosting and promoting training through participation in R&D&I initiatives in scientific-technological areas related to marine and food research. The Basque Government’s Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment has launched a new call for applications for the Ikertalent aid programme. […]

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3D distribution of Atlantic commercial species using GAM-NICHE tool

MIREIA VALLE, expert in Global Change of Marine Ecosystems at AZTI Fishing is one of humanity’s oldest and most vital activities, providing food, employment and playing a fundamental part in many cultures. However, for fishing to be sustainable, we need to understand how and where fish live in the ocean. In a recent study by […]

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biotecnología ganadería

Biotechnology and AI to improve animal health and livestock sustainability

● The BIOTEGANIA project aims to respond to the challenges and constraints of the agri-food sector through new technologies. ● The initiative works on a comprehensive solution to control and prevent the transmission of diseases, optimize logistics and production processes and reduce environmental impact. ● Funded by the CDTI and the State Research Agency of […]

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Optimisation of Digital Catch. Monitoring & Reporting in European Fisheries

OptiFish Project: Enable fishers to become managers of the marine good. OptiFish, a pioneering co-funded Horizon Europe Project aiming at enhancing sustainable fishing practices by developing, testing, and validating cutting-edge, cost-effective technologies and tools for monitoring in the fishing industry, was successfully launched on February 1st, 2024. 19 partners from 8 different countries were gathered […]

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New biodegradable materials for a more sustainable tropical tuna fishery

In collaboration with the AZTI Technology Centre, validation tests have begun on the new floating and submerged fish aggregation devices developed by Zunibal. The tests have started with a first phase in a tropical, semi-controlled environment at the IATTC Achotines Laboratory facilities in Panama. In parallel, real-condition tests are underway with 210 devices distributed between […]

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compromiso con la innovación

AZTI: commitment to innovation

Innovation is the spark that drives the engine of progress in our societies and economies. In a world where global challenges such as the climate crisis and resource sustainability are increasingly pressing, the ability to generate new solutions and technologies is essential for present and future well-being. In this context, AZTI aspires to be a […]

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Health and well-being at AZTI: a constant priority

PEDRO MONZÓN. Coordinator of Occupational Health and Wellbeing at AZTI At AZTI, we believe that the well-being of our team is essential to achieving excellence in our research and technological development activities. Our commitment to health is not an imperative, but an overall priority, a commitment not only to the individuals at AZTI, but also […]

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gestión de atunes

“The Code of Good Practices is the big project to achieve sustainability in fisheries and minimise the unwanted effects of the activity”

A sustainable fisheries sector is essential to be able to maintain its activity while enjoying the benefits it brings. To achieve this, it is crucial to establish synergies. Collaboration between the fishing fleet and the scientific community is key, just as it is essential that science is aligned with the relevant institutions. Improvement programmes for […]

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Gestión pesquera sostenible

AZTI’s work to achieve sustainable fish stocks that can feed a growing population

The ecosystem approach to fisheries management that helps to achieve sustainable fish stocks and thus ensure the sustainability of fisheries, as well as the conservation and restoration of ecosystems, are fundamental pillars in AZTI’s response to the challenges of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). The CFP, oriented towards […]

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memoria 2023

2023 Report. The answer lies in science

At AZTI, every discovery and breakthrough we make brings along the promise of a more sustainable, healthy, and resilient future. Our work transcends the boundaries of science and technology, making a direct impact on the well-being of people and the preservation of the environment for generations to come. Every step we take is imbued within […]

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Spanish and Japanese companies join forces around the Food4Future initiative to promote a sustainable future for the food industry.

AZTI and UnlocX & Co. signed a strategic collaboration agreement at Food4Future to promote innovation in the food sector. The agreement includes collaboration on major events such as SKS JAPAN2024 and Food 4 Future 2025, as well as co-creation programmes and research projects on food well-being and the interaction of food with artificial intelligence. Bilbao, […]

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Looking for the best proteins combination for a healthy and sustainable diet

AZTI technology centre is leading OPTIPROT, a new Spanish alliance that seeks to promote the application of omics technologies in the food industry. The aim is to increase knowledge about alternative protein sources and promote their combination with traditional ones to develop healthy and environmentally friendly ingredients and foods. This Cervera Network of Excellence is […]

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Policy options for strengthening the competitiveness of the EU fisheries and aquaculture sector

Martin Aranda, Leire Arantzamendi, Margarita Andres, Ane Iriondo, Gorka Gabiña (AZTI); Gabriela Oanta, José Manuel Sobrino-Heredia (Universidade Da Coruña); Bertrand Le Gallic (Université De Bretagne Occidentale). The European Union (EU) is the world’s largest market for fishery and aquaculture products (FAPs). Over the last 15 years, various EU institutions have expressed concern about the increasing […]

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The big food challenges of the future: AZTI´s perspective

Carolina Najar. AZTI’s Food Market Director In a changing world, humanity is facing unprecedented food challenges. Population growth and rising per capita incomes are driving a global food revolution, making food an indispensable strategic resource. By 2050, nearly 10 billion people are expected to inhabit our planet, requiring a 70% increase in annual food production […]

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prima newfeed

PRIMA NEWFEED: Demonstration Workshops

NEWFEED (Turn Food Industry By-products into secondary Feedstuffs via Circular-Economy Schemes) project has validated 3 value chains at Mediterranean level: Valorization grape stems (Case study 1, carried out in Spain) Valorization of oranges (Case study 2, carried out in Greece) Valorization of olive cake (Case study 3, carried out in Egypt) The three by-products have […]

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pesca incidental marine beacon

A new way of reducing by-catch of protected and endangered species in the Atlantic

MAITE ERAUSKIN-EXTRAMIANA. Sustainable fisheries management expert at AZTI Bycatch, the unintentional capture of unwanted species during fishing activities, is an ongoing concern for the conservation of marine biodiversity. To address this challenge, Europe has taken a major step forward in marine conservation by launching several initiatives, including the “Marine Beacon” project, funded by the Horizon […]

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Machine learning and big data methods for modelling the mackerel catch in the North East Atlantic

Nerea Goikoetxea, Ainhoa Caballero, Izaro Goienetxea, Leire Ibaibarriaga and Iñaki Quincoces. Researchers in fishing technologies and sustainable fisheries management. AZTI. The north-east Atlantic mackerel (Scomber scombrus) is a pelagic migratory species found in western Europe from Gibraltar to Svalbard in Norway. This species makes seasonal migrations along the west coast of Europe. This species spawns […]

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High impact scientific publications. Scientific articles published by AZTI in 2023

Scientific excellence, backed by the practical application of our research results, is the basis that positions our team as an international benchmark. This recognition translates into our outstanding participation as leading speakers in international forums and a consolidated presence in the main scientific committees linked to our research fields. It is also worth highlighting the […]

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análisis géneticos

Genetics as a new technology for stock management

Naiara Rodríguez-Ezpeleta, researcher and marine genetics expert The last two decades have seen an unprecedented genetic revolution that has radically changed our ability to better quantify genetic diversity, understand connectivity between populations, identify environmental adaptations and define species-environment interactions. In addition, the continued development and democratisation of new DNA sequencing technologies has provided us with […]

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Four start-ups in the agri-food sector have been selected to take part in the Inkuba Sarea business acceleration project.

The companies Cichorium, Ekhi Gold, O’Taste and Ondoegone Laboratoire have all benefited from support and training from Agour Etxea, INTIA and AZTI as part of this business acceleration project. Derio, 12 February 2024. The Inkuba Sarea project has selected the four emerging companies in the agri-food sector that will take part in this cross-border initiative […]

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aguas_de_proceso_ mejillones

AZTI transforms mussel process water into natural and sustainable food ingredients

AZTI has developed a method for producing food ingredients from the wastewater used to process mussels. This study focuses on using techniques such as membrane filtration to concentrate flavouring compounds. The results of the study, published in the journal “Environmental Challenges“, open up new possibilities for the use of natural ingredients in the sector. The […]

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Kostasystem cambio climático

Operational oceanography tools to reduce the impact of storms on the coastline

PEDRO LIRIA, researcher at Operational Oceanography It is 10 years since the series of storms that shook the entire European Atlantic coast and caused serious damages. Donostia, Zarautz, Bermeo, Bakio and Elantxobe were especially hard hit. In the early months of 2014 occurred the “perfect storm”: in three months there were up to 8 storms […]

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pardela balear cambio climático

Climate change drives migratory range shift via individual plasticity in shearwaters

Data collected since 2010 show that birds are migrating further north. Study results suggest that individual flexibility may help with distribution shifts outside the breeding season, but the consequences of climate change for birds during breeding are still unknown The study, led by the universities of Oxford Liverpool, in collaboration with AZTI, IRBI, SEO/BirdLife and […]

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Radar de alta frecuencia en Matxitxako

Tracking marine litter: technology to detect and predict how it behaves

Anna Rubio, Irene Ruiz, Ivan Manso (Operational Oceanography area) and Oihane Cabezas (Sustainable Fisheries Technologies area) The increasing frequency of accidents and emergencies at sea is one of the main reasons for having an operational oceanographic system that provides valuable information for managing marine pollution. A need that was recently reminded by the plastic pellets […]

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2023 has left us with a lot of work to do in global tuna management

Josu Santiago. Sustainable Tuna Management Coordinator. AZTI By 2023, 86% of the world’s tuna catches will come from healthy stocks. But there are still 14% of catches from four tuna stocks that need to be better managed. These are yellowfin and bigeye tuna in the Indian Ocean, albacore in the Mediterranean and bigeye tuna in […]

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Destilerías y Biorefinerías Zambrana has developed the innovative ALCUVA project to use grape stalks to produce bioethanol and high quality animal feed

The study was carried out by the research team at AZTI. This project has generated a potential production of more than 200 tonnes of bioethanol per year from the stalks produced in the Rioja Alavesa region. Vitoria-Gasteiz, 22nd December 2023. Destilerías y Biorefinerías Zambrana, in collaboration with the team of technicians from the AZTI, has […]

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innovacion en la cadena alimentaria

Sustainability and technology: AZTI’s commitment to innovation in the food chain

ROGELIO POZO. CEO of AZTI. In 2023, AZTI continued its mission to promote innovative projects based on science and technology, in order to move towards a healthier and more sustainable society. During 2023, we highlighted various initiatives in the areas of sustainability, business collaboration and health that demonstrate our strong commitment to innovation in the […]

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recuperar naturaleza marina

How can Europe regain its nature?

In early 2024, the European Parliament will vote on the final version of the Nature Restoration Law (NRL), a unique global regulation that has been the subject of intense debate. Its purpose is to halt the loss of biodiversity in Europe. An international team of scientists, led by the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany, and […]

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Tamaño anchoa golfo de bizkaia

Anchovies in the Bay of Biscay are smaller than 30 years ago

The AZTI technology centre has found scientific evidence of a smaller size of the species in a new study covering three decades of scientific data. The conclusions of the research suggest a complex interaction of factors such as temperature and population abundance as the cause. The results have been published in Global Change Biology Sukarrieta, […]

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BFT_ atun_rojo_ionandia

Pioneering research method reveals bluefin tuna’s fate

International research concludes that the predicted rise in sea temperatures in the Mediterranean over the next 50 years could lead to the possible relocation of bluefin tuna breeding grounds to the Bay of Biscay or other cooler areas. The research team used an innovative method based on the analysis of the otolith, a calcareous structure […]

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Biorremediación MER-CLUB

Advances in scientific knowledge for decontamination of mercury in marine sediments

The European MER-CLUB project led by AZTI has identified several bacterial isolates from marine sediments with the capacity to efficiently detoxify mercury in vitro in laboratory tests. The initiative ends in 2023 and has involved the participation of 7 partners from Spain, Sweden, Germany and France. Sukarrieta, 29 November 2023- Contamination of aquatic systems is […]

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Innovative technologies for value addition to discards from shellfish and fish production

As part of the European WaSeaBi project, AZTI Technology Centre has successfully implemented various processes for the valorisation of liquid and solid by-products from fisheries and aquaculture.   Methods successfully used to develop new ingredients and protein products are available to transfer to the food industry Thirteen partners from Denmark, Sweden, Spain, France and Belgium participated […]

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Kaindar Oarsoaldea

Inauguration of KAINDAR prototype: Basque Country’s first smart grid port

A consortium from Gipuzkoa has evaluated an innovative charging and power generation infrastructure that combines renewable energy sources and new connectivity technologies in real-world conditions. The prototype, which is the size of a shipping container and is located in front of AZTI Technology Centre in the Port of Pasaia, allows the bi-directional use of excess […]

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Towards a 100% biodegradable alternative for FADs in the tropical tuna fishery

Sukarrieta, 31 October  – Sukarrieta, 31 November. -Last week, Zunibal, a developer of fishing technology solutions, in collaboration with the AZTI Technology Centre, unveiled an innovative device for tropical tuna purse seine fishing. It is a fully biodegradable and industrialised alternative to the construction of the floating platform of Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs), which in […]

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Which fish should I eat? SEAwise Healthy Seafood Guide

Within the framework of the SEAwise project, the AZTI technology centre has drawn up a guide to personalise the selection of the most suitable fish based on the specific nutritional needs of the different European populations, the nutritional composition of the different fish species and the contaminants that may be present in them. The full […]

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AZTI Shares Expertise with the European Parliament to Promote Decarbonization and Circular Economy in Fisheries

AZTI Researchers Chosen by the EU Legislative Body to Address Challenges and Opportunities of the European Green Deal in the Fisheries and Aquaculture Sector Resumen ampliado: https://bit.ly/407brtw Video: https://bit.ly/3s3lgfg Brussels, October 23, 2023 – A team of researchers from the AZTI technological center was invited to give a prominent presentation today before the European Parliament’s […]

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The Mediterranean diet, olive oil and gut microbiota may benefit the prevention of some obesity-related cancers

Kataluniako Onkologia Institutuko eta IDIBELLeko ikertzaile-talde batek, AZTI zentro zientifiko eta teknologikoaren laguntzarekin egindako ikerketa berri batek datuen berrikuspen eta eguneratze garrantzitsu bat eskaintzen du, elikadura-ohiturek eta hesteetako mikrobiotak minbiziaren prebentzioan funtsezko eginkizuna dutela frogatzen dutenak. Derio, 2023ko urriaren 18a– Oliba-olioa dieta mediterraneoko elikagai nagusietako bat da. Gainera, dieta mediterraneoa eta oliba-olioa osasunerako onuragarriak diren […]

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Fisheries monitoring programmes – what are they and how do they work?

JON RUIZ.  AZTI Expert in Sustainable Fisheries Management. Fisheries monitoring programmes are essential for the effective management of marine resources, providing both scientists and managers with the data needed for scientific advice and fisheries control and monitoring. With advances in technology, electronic monitoring using cameras, GPS and sensors installed on fishing vessels has emerged as […]

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AZTI: Science and evidence at the forefront of food sustainability change

ROGELIO POZO. CEO of AZTI Sustainability in the food sector is no longer an option, but a necessity. The food system plays a crucial role as both a cause and a victim of the environmental impacts affecting the planet. It is therefore essential to promote more sustainable production and more responsible consumption of food and […]

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Titan convocatoria abierta

1,25M for an Open Call to revolutionize the European food supply chain

Search for innovative solutions for transparency in the food supply chain In order to contribute to creating a rich and vibrant ecosystem in the food supply chain domain, TITAN organises an Open Call for innovative solutions to select and fund eight pilots that will enhance the value of food supply chains through increased transparency. The […]

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Ahorro de combustible en barcos

Reference energy standard for future fuel-saving measures for OPEGUI’s fleet during the albacore coastal fishing season.

AINHOA CABALLERO, JOSEBA CASTRESANA and GORKA GABIÑA, Sustainable Fisheries Technologies Fishing for albacore tuna (Thunnus alalunga) is closely linked to the migration of this species. Thus, the coastal bonito fishery is concentrated between late spring and early autumn, when this species migrates from oceanic areas of the North Atlantic towards the productive waters of the […]

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ICES Bilbao

The future of the oceans through science: ICES ASC in Bilbao

The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea Annual Scientific Conference (ICES ASC) took place in Bilbao from 11 to 14 September, hosted by AZTI. This event gathers marine scientists, managers and other stakeholders in marine scientific disciplines from around the world to meet, present and discuss the latest scientific advances in favour of […]

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Artes de pesca en el País Vasco

Infographic: fishing techniques in the Basque Country

Fishing is one of the oldest human activities, and the resources of the sea have been a source of food practically from the beginning of our history. Since then, fishing has been an important part of our culture and economy. From basic fishing tools such as spears, nets and traps, fishing has gradually evolved into […]

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inkuba sarea

Inkuba Sarea is recruiting FoodTech startups to boost their projects

Call for start-ups with an innovative approach to the use of new technologies and sustainable solutions for agri-food production The selected projects will become part of the cross-border network between New Aquitaine, the Basque Country and Navarre led by the company Agour Etxea, the public company INTIA and AZTI They will also benefit from a […]

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economía circular

Beer by-products as an alternative protein source for nutraceuticals and aquaculture feeds

An innovative solution that is revolutionising the brewing, food and aquaculture industry. David San Martín, Bruno Iñarra, Jone Ibarruri, Mónica Gutierrez, Ricard Fenollosa, Alicia Estevez, Jose Miguel Martínez, Anna-Maria De Smet and Jaime Zufía Beer production in Europe has surpassed 400 thousand hectolitres, consolidating it as a strategic economic sector. However, this production process generates […]

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ENVIRODIGITAL: Boosting sustainability in the food industry

SAIOA RAMOS and DAVID VILLANUEVA. Experts on efficient and sustainable processes in food companies. AZTI Sustainability has become a global concern and companies are increasingly looking for innovative solutions to reduce their environmental impact. In this context, AZTI has launched its revolutionary ENVIRODIGITAL software, specifically designed to promote sustainability in the food industry. What is […]

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The Basque Country brings together the leading world experts in marine research

From 11th to 14th September the ICES-CIEM Science Conference presents the latest advances in sustainable use of the oceans at the Palacio Euskalduna in Bilbao. The event brings together over 750 professionals, heads of research institutes and political leaders from Europe and North America. The AZTI technology centre, with the support of the Basque government, […]

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An AZTI study reveals how horse mackerel and Atlantic mackerel are adapting to warming oceans by changing their migration and advancing their reproduction

The research team at the technology centre have been studying migratory and biological changes in these two species since 1992, concluding that for every degree of warming in the sea, the Atlantic mackerel spawns 370 km further north, while the horse mackerel breeds around 12 days earlier. These results may be useful to adapt fishery […]

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Bioman 2023 campaña análisis biomasa anchoa

The anchovy still in good condition: 143,000 tons in the Bay of Biscay

AZTI’s 2023 Bioman campaign presents provisional results that guarantee the sustainability of the species and confirm its good status. The definitive estimate will be obtained at the end of the year from the joint analysis of the data collected by this, the Juvena and Pelgas campaigns and the fleet catches. “The Bioman campaign is a […]

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Food 4 Future, a unique space for reflection, discovery and innovation

ROGELIO POZO. Director of F4F and CEO of AZTI. In a world of ever-changing demographics, where the world’s population is estimated at 8.5 billion in 2030 and is expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, a crucial question arises: how will we feed this growing population? The United Nations (UN) has warned of the need […]

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Threatened oceanic seabirds may be at high risk of plastic exposure

Areas around the world that represent a high risk of marine plastic exposure for oceanic seabirds are identified in a study published in Nature Communications. High exposure risk areas were identified in the Mediterranean and Black seas, as well as in the high seas and Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) of the USA, Japan, and the […]

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buque pesquero

Towards decarbonization and energy efficiency of fishing vessels: The importance of the analysis of operational and consumption patterns

JOSEBA CASTRESANA, OIHANE C. BASURKO, GORKA GABIÑA. AZTI experts in fishing technologies. JAVIER VALERO. OPROMAR. Organization of Fish Producers of the Port and Estuary of Marin. The price of marine diesel has soared in the last year, doubling and even tripling in several autonomous communities such as Galicia, the Basque Country and Andalusia with respect […]

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Fisheries and the environment: towards a sustainable future

Mikel Basterretxea, Arkaitz Pedrajas, Esteban Puente and Estanis Mugerza. AZTI experts in fisheries technology There is a close relationship between the European Community Fisheries Policy (CFP), which aims to achieve sustainable fisheries in environmental, economic and social terms, and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), which aims to protect and conserve the marine environment. The […]

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An innovative genetic chip developed by AZTI and the USC guarantees the authenticity of Galician mussels

It will serve to distinguish the geographical origin of mussels cultivated in Galicia from other localizations. It was developed using the genetic profile of the Mediterranean mussel species Mytilus galloprovincialis, identifying its specific genetic markers. It offers producers and expert researchers a powerful genomic tool to identify, validate and assess complex genetic traits in this […]

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Development and acceleration of economic sectors

The future of food lies in a new wave of innovation that is already underway and is here to stay. It has spawned thousands of foodtech startups that are causing a revolution in the food and beverage industry, a key pillar of the global economy. According to the annual study by accelerator Eatable Adventures entitled […]

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Puerto de Marin

Digimar, progress towards a more efficient fishing activity

Eight Opromar surface longline vessels, seven in the Pacific and one in the South Atlantic, have installed and validated this system, which provides an integrated view of oceanographic and meteorological information to optimize routes. Marin, June 16, 2023. The Organization of Fishing Producers of the Port and Estuary of Marín (Opromar), promoter of the Digimar […]

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AZTI is recognized with the “Sustainable Fisheries Promotion” award by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

These awards recognise organisations with an outstanding commitment to sustainable fishing in Spain. AZTI, Kofradia Itsas Etxea – Izan Arrantzale, and the Eroski Group are some of the organisations awarded in the twelve categories of this third edition of the awards. Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), an international non-profit organisation that has been working for more […]

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New bio-based ropes for more eco-efficient and low-carbon aquaculture

AZTI technology centre has coordinated, within the framework of the BIOGEARS project, the development of “bio” ropes from biomaterials with the potential to replace conventional plastics of fossil origin in mussel and algae cultivation. The technical, environmental and economic sustainability analysis of the best performing mussel prototype reduced the carbon footprint by up to 34% […]

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Herramientas moleculares

Precision nutrition for breast cancer survivors through molecular tools

MERCEDES CARO BURGOS, Food and Health  researcher Nutritional counseling in cancer Following a healthy diet provides health benefits, which has led to a recent increase in the demand for nutritional counseling by cancer patients. In oncology, moreover, nutritional monitoring allows patients to actively participate in their treatment and care. However, nutritional support does not usually […]

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The Regions4Climate European project starts in the Basque Country with the recovery of the Plaiaundi marshes in Txingudi

The Basque Government’s Director of Natural Heritage and Climate Change, Adolfo Uriarte, and the Basque project´s partners – Azti, Ihobe, Tecnalia and Zabala – visited the intervention area to define the actions to be developed The Basque Country will work with a dozen European regions on innovative climate resilience solutions within the framework of the […]

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Horizon Europe project to combat diet-related diseases through novel monitoring technologies and personalised nutrition

The CoDiet project will trial innovative diet-monitoring technologies to improve our understanding of the relationship between the food we eat and common diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer. The project will use this enhanced understanding to develop artificial intelligence tools to deliver personalised nutritional advice aimed at preventing these diseases and creating […]

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#ebegi: the coastal observatory of the future to move towards the blue economy and fight against climate change impact on the coast

AZTI technological center has launched the #ebegi project, which aims to strengthen the observation capacities of the coastal ecosystem in the southeast of the Bay of Biscay. High-quality marine observations and reliable, harmonized and accessible data are a prerequisite for integrated management of marine ecosystems to move towards the sustainable transformation of the blue economy […]

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Seafood side-streams have become too important to ignore

That was one of the key take-homes from one of the participants, who attended the successful conference “Get more value from your seafood side-stream”, which was held on 24 April in Barcelona.  The conference, which was organized by Food & Bio Cluster Denmark, gathered around 75 representatives from the fishing industry, who came to hear […]

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bioremediation mercury

Getting rid of mercury in marine sediments thanks to MER-CLUB

MER-CLUB is an ambitious scientific project which aims to tackle the issue of mercury pollution in marine sediments. Mercury pollution is a global problem with large environmental, socio-economic and health impacts.  The MER-CLUB project is developing a clean-up system based on bioremediation, a green technology which uses the potential of natural microbes to break down harmful […]

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Cuidar salud intestinal

How can we achieve a healthy microbiota?

AINARA CANO and NEREA PEÑA, researchers at Food and Health The microbiota consists of all those microorganisms (commensals or pathogens/good or bad) found in a given environment, such as soil, water or other living organisms, and includes bacteria, archaea, protists, fungi and viruses. The term microbiome refers to the entire habitat, including these microbial communities, […]

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Delfines. Foto: Isabel garcía Baron

Technology to protect marine species and reduce bycatch

Bycatch is one of the main problems generated by fisheries worldwide, and is particularly serious when it affects protected, endangered or threatened species (PET species). AZTI works with different fleets in various seas around the world to ensure that non-target fish are not caught in fishing nets, thus making progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 14, […]

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2022 Report. The answer lies in science

Science is playing a key role in the development of sustainable and healthy food systems, including food production, distribution and consumption. Science does not have answers to all questions, but it does have the best available answers. For this reason, we work to transform science into solutions for the great challenges of the food value […]

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AVRAMAR, GRUPO CALVO, CAMPOMAYOR, HARIVENASA and KAIKU, pioneers in sustainability, seek to reduce their environmental impact by testing ENVIROSCORE environmental labelling

Top companies in the food industry are leading the sustainable transition through the development of projects to calculate the environmental impact of products, such as ENVIROSCORE.  The  system developed by the AZTI technology centre and KU LEUVEN improves knowledge and transparency about the degree of sustainability of products. The ENVIROSCORE label, supported by science, has […]

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exposición metro bilbao

Metropelagic: the Mesopelagic zone species reach the Bilbao Metro

In March, the Metro Bilbao Abando station will host a photographic exhibition of the most fascinating creatures that live in the mesopelagic zone The exhibition is part of AZTI’s work within the framework of the European SUMMER project, financed by the European Union, to deepen knowledge about the species living in this ecosystem Although scientific […]

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Sustainable growth for marine energies

IBON GALPARSORO, Marine Spatial Planification expert at AZTI. Ocean energy and offshore wind energy (OWE), in particular, have been identified as potential renewable energy sources, with a view to decarbonizing and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7, Affordable and Clean Energy. OWE provides local electricity production […]

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Podcast: Bacteriophages. How to achieve efficient and sustainable food security?

The spread of antibiotic resistance and diseases caused by the presence of pathogens in food represent a global threat that affects human health, as well as animal health, agriculture, food safety and the environment. Globalization and climate change increase the risk of bacterial contamination, and the improper and excessive use of antibiotics, among other factors, […]

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desafíos transición proteica

Alternative proteins: relevance, benefits and barriers

PAULA JAUREGI, Ikerbasque senior researcher working on Efficient and sustainable processesCARLOS BALD, senior researcher working on Efficient and sustainable processes The protein transition is a reality. Searching for and integrating alternative protein sources into our daily lives is a necessity that represents great opportunities but which, at the same time, faces great challenges. AZTI researchers […]

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Pesca sostenible

Good Practices to improve fishing practices in purse seiners

The Spanish tuna freezer sector is highly committed to sustainability. That is why, for years, extensive collaboration has been taking place between the fleet and AZTI to seek solutions that minimise the possible unwanted impacts of fishing activity. The collaboration between industry and science aims to guarantee the long-term sustainability of natural resources through the […]

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niñña probetas

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

UNESCO speaks of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) careers as the jobs of the future, the ones that drive innovation, social welfare, inclusive growth and sustainable development.However, interest in these fields seems to be declining in general and remains even lower for girls. Now that we count more girls attending school than ever before, […]

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fondos marinos

Bathymetries: mapping the seabed

IRENE RUIZ researcher at Marine Technologies and MANUEL GONZÁLEZ principal researcher at Operational Oceanography Bathymetry is the measurement and graphic representation of the shape or relief of underwater surfaces. These surfaces include the seabed as well as the bottoms of watercourses, reservoirs, etc. Simplifying a more or less complex problem depending on the dimensions of […]

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conferencia subproductos pescado

Conference Spotlights Solutions for Valuable Exploitation of Seafood Side-streams

From techniques for converting seafood side-streams into new ingredients and sorting technology for herring off-cuts to cost efficient solutions for prolonging the shelf life of side-streams significantly as well as tools to optimise the use of side-streams in production will be some of the presented solutions at the conference. The conference “Get more value from […]

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Consumer experience: effective analysis of the purchasing process

NOELIA DA QUINTA and ANA B. BARANDA, researchers at New Foods and Consumer Behaviour Today’s consumers have more and more shopping options, as well as new influences on their decision making when it comes to choosing products to consume. In a world where customer empowerment is continuously increasing and the service landscape is changing, companies […]

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Blue economy to boost Oarsoaldea

Several of the projects being developed within the framework of the HUB Oarsoaldea Urdina initiative for the promotion of the blue economy are presented. The Oarsoaldea is defined by the Basque Government as a Preferential Action Area (PAA) and as such has a strategic plan to reactivate its economy. Pasaia, 12 January 2023. This morning […]

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Reducir el desperdicio

Pódcast: How can we reduce waste in the food industry?

Reducing food waste is essential. According to Eurostat data, around 57 million tonnes of food waste (127 kg per inhabitant) is annually generated in the European Union with an associated market value estimated at €130 billion. And beyond the economic cost, we have to add the environmental cost of food production, as food production generates […]

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AZTI studies the impact of climate change on the River Oka estuary in Urdaibai

The report, sponsored by Ihobe and with the support of the LIFE Urban Klima 2050 project, assesses how the estuary’s habitats and communities may be affected over the coming century. Climate change is a growing and inevitable threat for estuaries around the world. As the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) warned in its 2021 report, […]

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Nutrición y cáncer

Pódcast: ¿Puede la alimentación mejorar el pronóstico del cáncer?

¿Qué relación tienen nutrición y cáncer? El cáncer es una enfermedad muy presente en nuestras vidas, no en vano, es una de las principales causas de muerte en España. Afortunadamente, a día de hoy se habla de una tasa media de recuperación de un 57% y todo indica que esa tasa se irá incrementando a […]

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Agreement with Athletic for personalised nutrition at Lezama

Athletic Club and AZTI have been working for the last year on researching and designing personalised nutritional solutions to help improve sporting performance. AZTI is researching the effect of nutrients on players in order to develop predictive models that allow them to improve their overall performance, including assessing the risk of injury and shortening recovery […]

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Deshielo. Cristina Claver

What will we be fishing in 2049?

GUILLEM CHUST. Head of Climate Change in Oceans and Coasts (AZTI) It is said that when Edward Lorenz, in 1963, saw the results of his meteorological model in print, he was so surprised that he thought it was a mistake. Small differences in the input data led to large differences in the model’s predictions. This […]

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Tunas. David Itano. ISSF

Seventy years of tuna, billfish and sharks as sentinels of global ocean health

The AZTI technology centre, in collaboration with Simon Fraser University (SFU) and the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF), has developed a global indicator that measures the state of marine biodiversity based on changes in extinction risk recorded over seven decades in oceanic predatory fishes. The results, published in the prestigious journal Science, offer some hope […]

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Uhinak 2022 brings together 150 experts and conference participants to debate and advance solutions for the coastal climate emergency

Climate change on the 2050 horizon, extreme events and adaptation measures, climate change mitigation and biodiversity restoration and governance, management tools and communication are among the issues for debate in over 40 talks and presentations The fifth Conference on Climate and Coastal Change will be held at Ficoba on November 16 and 17 Irun. Noviember […]

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oihane C. Basurko experta en sostenibilidad marina de AZTI

Oihane C. Basurko, AZTI’s marine litter expert, receives the Banco Sabadell Foundation Award for Marine Sustainability

This researcher at AZTI has been awarded for her excellent professional career in the fields of sustainability and circular economy. Banco Sabadell Foundation Award for Marine Sustainability recognises the work of Spanish scientists in the field of marine sustainability, in the sustainable exploitation of marine resources and in the regeneration of their natural resources. 3 […]

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valorización raspón de uva

Validation of a circular economy solution on an industrial scale

BRUNO IÑARRA, DAVID SAN MARTÍN, JONE IBARRURI, JORGE FERRER and NAGORE LUENGO, Efficient and Sustainable Food Chain We recently had the opportunity to validate on an industrial scale a circular economy solution to valorise grape stems within the European Prima NEWFEED project. The validation of the solution is a fundamental part of the process. It […]

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Video. Environmental DNA: The revolution in marine monitoring

Environmental DNA is the DNA collected from the environment, that is, from environmental samples, such as for example seawater. Seawater samples contain small organisms such as bacteria and phytoplankton, but also traces of larger organisms, in form of cells, tissues, or scales released by fish. By filtering several litres of seawater, these traces can be […]

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Xixili, the underwater glider that keeps watch over our waters

ANNA RUBIO, ASIER NIETO and GUILLERMO BOYRA. AZTI experts in Marine Technologies and Fisheries Management. Since the end of September, a new “inhabitant” has been sailing the seas: Xixili has been gliding in the waters around Bilbao on an important mission: to take scientific measurements of environmental and biological variables. This autonomous underwater vehicle, known […]

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Latest advances in the knowledge of marine litter in the Bay of Biscay

The AZTI technology centre has led a study to define the spatial distribution of plastics in the waters of the Bay of Biscay and thus contribute to the search for solutions to this global problem. 13 October 2022- Plastics, among other marine litter, are considered by the European Union and other organisations to be one […]

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Beer by-products, a nutritious alternative for aquaculture fish feed

The AZTI technology centre, within the framework of the European Life Brewery project, has analysed the effect of incorporating waste from the brewing industry into the diets of rainbow trout reared in aquaculture farms. The results, compared with those of commercial feed, show that they can be a more economical and sustainable source of feed […]

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Data and alternativa proteins

GIANT LEAPS to accelerate the transition to alternative dietary proteins

AZTI is delighted to announce their participation in a new Horizon Research and Innovation Action called GIANT LEAPS. This EU-funded project aims to accelerate the transition from animal-based to alternative dietary proteins. This dietary shift is key to reducing the footprint of our food system in terms of environmental impacts and improving the health and […]

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Marca electrónica atún

AZTI records for the first time the migratory route of an albacore during winter

Using electronic tags, the technology centre has obtained the first scientific evidence of the complete migration of juvenile albacore between two consecutive years, providing information on their overwintering destination. The information collected provides fishery-independent data on the biology and ecology of the species and contributes to improved fisheries management. The monitoring is part of the […]

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Automatic counter for anchovies and small pelagics with artificial vision: a practical case of digitalisation for the fishing sector

La digitalización ofrece soluciones a muchos sectores, y la pesca es uno de ellos. Pero, sea el sector que sea, para que el proyecto sea un éxito tiene que haber colaboración. A continuación, explicamos un caso práctico: el desarrollo de la máquina contadora de anchoas con visión artificial. Digitalisation offers solutions for many fields, and […]

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Regional Coordination Groups: The first step in fisheries data management

SECWEB project seeks to visualize and highlight the importance of the work carried out by these regional coordination groups (RCGs) who are responsible for analysing and guaranteeing fisheries data quality RCGs´ data is used in fisheries stock assessments and to define fishing quotas. Therefore, RCGs´ work is essential for the fishing sector sustainability and the […]

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uhinak-2022-congreso cambio climático litoral

Uhinak 2022: when fighting climate change is teamwork

The fifth Conference on Climate and Coastal Change will be held at Ficoba on November 16 and 17 and will be attended by more than 150 experts and congress participants Irun, 14 September 2022. The Uhinak conference, organised by Ficoba and the technology centre AZTI, is set to be held for the fifth time at […]

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comparación técnicas análisis eDNA

Three approaches to functional profiling and identification of bio-indicators for eDNA monitoring in coastal environments

ION LUIS ABAD, LAURA ALONSO and ANDERS LANZÉN, researchers at Marine Ecosystems Functioning Coastal and estuarine ecosystems are highly complex and threatened by various human activities such as eutrophication (excess input of inorganic nutrients), industrial pollution, hydrological alteration or climate change. The regulations we have today to protect these ecosystems are based on biological indicator […]

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Toma de muestras y evaluacion ambiental en el Estuario del OKA. Urdaibai. Bizkaia

AZTI’s technology will assess the quality of US seas

The AMBI tool, developed by the technology centre, has been adopted by the US Environmental Protection Agency as the official marine environmental assessment system. The software can be used to assess the impact of human activities on marine communities and water quality. Most European countries use this methodology officially and others are considering its use. […]

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conservas más sostenibles

Canned tuna, tasty, healthy and increasingly more sustainable

The AZTI technology centre has developed a new technological solution for the Serrats canning company that optimises resources and reduces the environmental impact associated with the tuna cooking process. Thanks to brine regeneration technology, 90% of the brine can be reused in the process, which improves the use of raw materials, while at the same […]

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Naiara Rodriguez-Ezpeleta is a member of the Advisory Board for UNESCO’s international environmental DNA expeditions

Naiara Rodriguez-Ezpeleta, expert in Marine Ecosystem Functioning and Molecular Ecology and Biotechnology, has been selected along with 15 other people to be part of the Advisory Board of the citizen science project “Environmental DNA Expeditions“, a joint initiative of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO and the World Heritage Centre. Environmental DNA Expeditions: citizen science […]

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Bioman 2022 anchovy campaign confirms the good status of this species

AZTI technology centre and the Basque Government present the preliminary results of the Bioman 2022 scientific campaign, which this year estimates an adult anchovy biomass of around 230,000 tonnes. The final figures for anchovy stock abundance in the Bay of Biscay will be determined at the end of 2022 from a combined analysis using data […]

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abundancia de cetáceos

An oceanographic vessel and eight light aircraft will simultaneously scan the Atlantic waters around Europe to estimate cetacean abundance.

This campaign for estimating cetacean abundance is part of an international initiative involving more than 80 scientists from Spain, France, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. For AZTI, the campaign is part of the work being carried out as part of the CetAMBICion project, which is aimed at a coordinated […]

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Challenges and future perspectives for the agri-food sector

In an interview with Noticias de Gipuzkoa, which we reproduce here in its entirety, we chatted with Iñigo Martínez de Marañón, Technological Director of AZTI and Coordinator of BRTA‘s Healthy Food Strategic Agenda, about the challenges facing the food sector and the future of the agri-food sector. Give us some context, what are the main […]

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Alimentación consciente

Why is it important to eat seasonal food? Here are four reasons

ANA BARANDA, Novel Foods researcher Any visit to the greengrocers (or fruit sections at supermarkets) reveals a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, many of which are not seasonal foods. As a result, not only have we forgotten which are seasonal and which are not, but we have also stopped considering the benefits of eating […]

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STECF endorses AZTI’s scientific excellence

The Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF) has re-elected AZTI researchers Leire Ibaibarriaga, Andrés Uriarte and Raúl Prellezo to continue to be part of this body that guides EU decisions on fisheries for the next three years. With these appointments, the representation of the technology centre in the European institution stands at 7%, […]

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AZTI develops a good practices guide for applying artificial intelligence in the fisheries sector at the request of the European Parliament

The AZTI technology centre, in collaboration with the University Institute of European Studies “Salvador de Madariaga” (IUEE) of the University of A Coruña and at the request of the European Parliament, has produced a report on legislative keys for the use of artificial intelligence in fishery activities, based on the new proposal for the European […]

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Ranking cientificas destacadas

Four AZTI women researchers are among the top 5,000 in Spain

Four AZTI women researchers are among the top 5,000 women working in Spanish institutions. This is according to the study carried out by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) in its first ranking of the 5,000 Spanish and foreign women scientists doing research in Spanish organisations. This ranking has been carried out according to the […]

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New tools for monitoring and predicting the coastal impact of climate change

The AZTI technology centre has led the Marlit project to seek solutions to the risks generated in coastal populations due to global warming. The results include the development of tools based on videometry systems that allow different wave parameters to be measured, as well as their associated impact; a sensor that measures the impact force […]

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Enfoque ecosistemico gestion pesquera

Marina Santurtún presented examples of the implementation of the ecosystem approach to fisheries management at the United Nations.

Marina Santurtún, market manager for sustainable fisheries and oceans, was a panelist at the 15th round of informal consultations on the UN Fish Stocks Agreement on the implementation of the ecosystem approach to fisheries management.These sessions are a key factor in determining the future of fisheries and Santurtún’s participation, invited by the Ministry of Agriculture, […]

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The ECOFOOD 3S consortium is launched to transform the food sector in Spain.

ECOFOOD 3S, a group of around thirty agents representing the whole value chain of the food industry, was presented today in Bilbao at the Food 4 Future fair PERTE (Proyecto Estratégico para la Recuperación y Transformación Económica) aims to raise funds from the Next Generation European recovery programme to achieve a safe, sustainable and healthy […]

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valorar actividad pesquera

Fisheries ecosystem services: another way on how to represent their value

MARINA SANTURTUN, Sustainable Fisheries and Oceans Market Director, and ARANTZA MURILLAS, Researcher on Sustainable Fisheries Management Historically, the marine ecosystem has been exploited to meet humanity’s essential needs such as food, fuel and shelter. Over time, this exploitation has gone beyond basic needs to include other needs related to human well-being. Fisheries ecosystem services The […]

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Report 2021: 40 years of sustainability

A Japanese proverb says that vision without action is a dream, but action without vision is a nightmare. AZTI was born more than 40 years ago with a vision that has been transformed throughout these four decades, but always keeping an unchangeable element: science as a means to improve people’s lives. From the sea to […]

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Food for senior citizens

FOOD4SENIOR: What have we learnt about senior food needs?

FOOD4SENIOR is an EIT Food co-funded project that aimed to develop innovative value-added fish, meat and plant-based products for European senior consumers. Below we explain the main highlights of the project. Senior citizens have special food needs Over 65 years citizens represent the single fastest growing demographic group in Europe (30% of people will be […]

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DNA from a bucket of water key to improved marine environmental management

The AZTI technological centre has studied the potential of environmental DNA sequencing to monitor marine resources more economically and accurately than with commonly used methodologies. Research has focused on the analysis of ocean water samples and has found that environmental DNA sequencing can, more accurately than traditional methodologies, determine the abundance, diversity and spatial distribution […]

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Tools for ecosystem-based management of small-scale fisheries

AZTI technology centre has developed a set of tools that provide small-scale fishermen with critical information on their activity and on the state of marine species. The tools allow fishing fleets to operate taking into account the characterisation of the fishing grounds in which they operate according to the fishing gear used, the fishing effort, […]

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Challenge tests in the Food Security Context

MIGUEL ROMEO, Food Quality and Safety researcher A challenge test is the premeditated and controlled contamination of a food with a target micro-organism. These tests allow us to assess health risks to consumers and, when necessary, to determine the appropriate time period for safe consumption. Commission Regulation (EC) No 2073/2005 of 15 November 2005 on […]

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olas mundaka

Videomety systems to measure waves from an image

PEDRO LIRIA, IRATI EPELDE, ASIER NIETO researchers and ARITZ ABALIA PhD student in the area of Operational Oceanography Knowing the wave conditions and being able to measure the height of the breaking wave is very important in order to establish the level of impact of waves on the coast during storms. However, this is not […]

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Digital solutions for more eco-friendly aquaculture

The AZTI technology centre is coordinating the AQUAPEF project, an initiative seeking to develop a solution to calculate and verify the environmental impact of aquaculture The tool developed in the scope of the project also enables identification of the impact’s causes and origins, so that decision-making based on environmental criteria becomes easier Derio, 8 March […]

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en defensa de la paz

In defence of peace and the protection of people

AZTI and all its workers are deeply concerned about the war in Ukraine and the impact it is having on the civilian population in the affected regions. War, violence, the death of innocent people… can never be the solution. As strong supporters of the Sustainable Development Goals, we put people at the centre and defend […]

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tendencias alimentarias

EATrens 2022: AZTI highlights sustainability, trust and well-being as the priorities that will mark the shopping list

New alternatives to animal protein, authenticity, mental health, personalised nutrition, hybrid experiences and hyperconvenience are some of the trends that will most impact the food sector this year, identified by the technology centre in its EATrends 2022 report. The document describes the trends that are shaping people’s lifestyles, attitudes and food consumption behaviour, in a […]

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Pesca sostenible futuro

The future of fisheries. The fisheries of the future.

MARINA SANTURTÚN Sustainable Fisheries and Oceans Market Manager and AINHOA CABALLERO Marine Technologies researcher To understand the future of fisheries and what the fisheries of the future will be like, we must think about the global changes the planet is facing. The effect of carbon in our atmosphere, due to the burning of fossil fuels, […]

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Tecnologia y salud

Foodtech and cancer: technology for health

ITZIAR TUEROS, Food and Health Coordinator Food is a great ally for people with cancer. The latest technologies and advances in the foodtech sector have achieved considerable progress in the nutrition of patients and, consequently, in their quality of life. We talked to Itziar Tueros, Food and Health coordinator, about how foodtech and cancer is […]

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Whitefish Database

This dataset contains information of seven species of white fish: turbot (Psetta maxima), panga (Pangasius hypophthalmus), alaskan pollock (Theragra chalcograma), tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus), sole (Solea solea, wild and Soleasenegalensis, farmed), seabass (Dicentrarchus labrax), and cod (Gadus morhua), collected during 3 years. For each sample, the NIR spectra (from 900 to 1650 nm) were collected with […]

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Food 4 Future: Key findings

From 15 to 17 June, Bilbao became the world capital of innovation in FoodTech with the first edition of Food 4 Future – Expo FoodTech 2021, held at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre-BEC. An international event, organised by AZTI and Nebext, designed by and for professionals in the food and beverage industry. The event sought answers […]

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La importancia del pescado azul en la dieta

Benefits of fish: nutritional value, effects on health and recommended intake

MERCEDES CARO, SARA ARRANZ and ITZIAR TUEROS, Food and Health researchers There are many health benefits of fish, as many scientific studies have shown. Many studies link fish consumption (at least two servings a week) with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, depression and all-cause and cancer mortality. Three reasons to include fish in your (and your family’s) […]

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Ballena en el golfo de bizkaia

Cetaceans in the Bay of Biscay: what have we seen in the oceanographic campaigns?

BIOMAN (spring-May) and JUVENA (summer and early autumn-September) campaigns, carried out in the Bay of Biscay, are meant to improve knowledge for the management of fish species. Over the years, these campaigns have acquired an ecosystemic scope to respond to the demands for information and knowledge of different environmental policies and legislation of the European […]

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Pruebas geneticaspara trazabilidad de mejillones

A PCR to ensure that a mussel is from where it says it is from

Technology centre AZTI has participated in the development of a new genetic method to guarantee the origin of mussels. The study aims to fight fraud and raise consumer awareness of the importance of labelling and traceability of fish products. The techniques developed have been carried out within the framework of the European project SEATRACES, financed […]

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Food 4 Future abre la convocatoria para los FoodTech Innovation Awards 2022

FoodTech Innovation Awards 2022 call now open

Food 4 Future – Expo Foodtech celebrates a new edition of the FoodTech Innovation Awards 2022, which aim to recognize the most innovative proposals and solutions that will transform the food and beverage industry December 22, 2021. – Food 4 Future – Expo FoodTech is today opening entries for the FoodTech Innovation Awards 2022. From […]

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Confianza de los consumiodres

Consumer trust in catering and restaurant services grows post-pandemic

An international survey reveals that innovations in the catering and restaurants sector in the wake of the pandemic have boosted consumer confidence in the sector. Within the agri-food sector as a whole, agriculture continues to lead the way in terms of trust. Transparency technology based on blockchain tops the list of top-rated suggested solutions to […]

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The fifth edition of Uhinak will be held in Ficoba on 16 and 17 November 2022

The Cross-border Conference on Climate Change and Coastal Areas, promoted by Ficoba and AZTI, will include Gis Littoral Basque and the University of the Basque Country in its scientific committee. (Irun-Spain, 13 December 2021). The first meeting of the Technical Committee responsible for organising the fifth edition of the Cross-border Climate Change and Coastal Congress, […]

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EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste

AZTI joins the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste

AZTI researcher David San Martín will be part of the EU Platform on Food Losses and Waste (FLW), an initiative promoted by the European Commission with the aim of preventing food waste, for the next 5 years. The platform’s committee of experts is made up of 45 members from all over Europe, 7 of whom […]

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Alimentación y salud infantil

COACHILD: what lessons can we learn from the app to reduce childhood obesity?

Childhood obesity is one of the most serious public health problems of our century, with prevalence increasing at an alarming rate. At nation level, 35% of children between ages 8 and 16 are over the recommended weight, of whom 20.7% are overweight and 14.2% obese, with those living in lower socio-economic families most affected. This, […]

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Restpuesta al cambio climatico

We don’t have to save the Planet, we have a responsibility to make the world a better, more sustainable and healthier place – Analysis of the Glasgow Climate Summit

ROGELIO POZO, CEO of AZTI and GUILLEM CHUST, head of the Climate Change area in Oceans and Coasts at AZTI. After a Climate Summit in Glasgow with more expectations than relevant agreements, many unknowns remain as to how the international response will be to the climate challenges facing the planet. Rogelio Pozo and Guillem Chust […]

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Soluciones para deteccion de fraude alimentario

Is food labelled as vegan really vegan? What about Halal or Kosher food?

AZTI leads EthiChain, an EIT Food funded project focused on the development and validation of an innovative rapid DNA analysis systems to allow verification of presence of unwanted species in food with ethical concerns (vegan, Halal and Kosher) Obtained results will be digitized and directly integrated into company´s traceability system The EthiChain turning point solution will […]

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Ensayos rapidos para la deteccion de pesticidas

Pesticides in food: how to detect their presence and ensure food safety in Europe?

FÉLIX AMÁRITA, ALEJANDRO BARRANCO, AMAIA EREÑO and HUGO CUNHA-SILVA, food safety and integrity area What are they and what happens when pesticides are present in food? Pesticides are chemicals made from toxic compounds that prevent the development of pests (animals, plants or micro-organisms). This ability to control pests increases crop productivity, which is why pesticides […]

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Acción contra el cambio climñatico

An embarrassing frog at COP26

GUILLEM CHUST, Head of Climate Change in Oceans and Coasts I watch in astonishment as we rush to predict and retreat from the danger of waves on the Donostia promenade, lava on La Palma, or a hurricane in Florida, and in the same time see our inaction in the face of slow but gradual climate […]

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Desalination and warming waters: main characteristics of ocean climate in 2020

ALMUDENA FONTÁN, researcher of Functioning of marine ecosystems, climate change, data observation and environmental impact Long-term ocean monitoring programs are essential to accurately analyze and quantify ocean climate variability. The ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea) Report on Ocean Climate (IROC) combines decades of ocean observations across the ICES North Atlantic region […]

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energia undimotriz

New tool for exploitation of wave power without damaging the environment

The AZTI technology centre has developed the WEC-ERA Tool to evaluate the ecological risk of wave energy converters. The open-access intuitive solution can be used to predict the suitability of converter installation projects, taking into account their impact on the natural ecosystem. Pasaia, 26 October 2021.- In the search for sustainable power generation alternatives, renewable […]

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Medicion acidificación en el golfo de Bizkaia

New pH sensor to monitor ocean acidification along the Basque coastline

Systematic observation of the sea and its evolution is vital to understand the effects of climate change on the ocean, the coast and the marine resources, as it helps to define adaptation strategies and establish mitigation measures. For this observation to be effective and to obtain more indicators, it is very important to have the […]

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Reconocimiento a la alta calidad científica de AZTI

AZTI reinforces its presence as a scientific advisor to the European Union on fisheries issues

Researcher Dorleta García has been appointed vice-chair of the Advisory Committee of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES). In addition, the researcher Haritz Arrizabalaga has been appointed vice-president of the Standing Committee on Research and Statistics of the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT). These appointments represent further […]

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La importancia de los sedimentos marinos en la gestión de ecosistemas

Marine sediment analysis: key to marine ecosystem management

ANDERS LANZÉN, ION ABAD, LEIRE GARATE marine ecosystem functioning researchers Environmental monitoring is essential to understand the consequences of the impacts that people exert on the coast, impacts such as eutrophication, industrial pollution and hydrological alteration. Monitoring allows us to measure the level of pollutants and the biodiversity that is affected and doing so in […]

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eventos extremos y redistribución de la biodiversidad

Effects of climate change on the sea: extreme phenomena will increase and biodiversity will be redistributed in the Bay of Biscay (according to a report led by AZTI )

The work, carried out with the support of the LIFE Integrated Urban Klima 2050 project, detects alterations associated with climate change and an increase in extreme events. In addition, the results indicate that the warming of the sea and air has had an impact on the benthic community of the Basque coast. Knowledge of the […]

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A transnational solution to fight eel decline

AZTI has coordinated the European SUDOANG project to improve the management of the eel stock in Southwest Europe by means of scientific data and a common strategy for monitoring the evolution of the species. An online tool allows easy visualisation of indicators on the status of the species and its habitat in France, Spain and […]

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plataformas de interaccion con el consumidor

Consumer interaction platform

AZTI’s online platforms for interaction with consumers are a powerful tool that allows us to get first-hand knowledge of the opinion of end users of any type of product, as well as detecting preferences, guiding and testing possible new actions or products. These platforms are co-created to adapt to the specific needs of each situation, […]

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Raising awareness and finding solutions to fight food waste

Jaime Zufía, Head of the Efficient and sustainable food chain area of AZTI It is estimated that, in the Basque Country, wastage exceeds 350,000 tonnes, which is 160 kilos per person per year. Most of this (53%) is produced in households, hence the importance of raising awareness of this problem among consumers. From this, a […]

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Aerosols in food: an opportunity for innovation

Saioa Álvarez, Laura Fernández and Esther Sanmartín, New Food Researchers. Much has evolved since the first aerosols were marketed in the mid 1950s. So much so that today, the existence of aerosols in food is not surprising. Or is it? The truth is that beyond whipped cream or spray oil, the presence of this format […]

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certificacion UNE 166002 para su Sistema de Gestión de la I+D+i

AZTI renews UNE 166002 certification for its R&D&I Management System

AZTI has renewed, by AENOR, the certificate of the R&D&I Management System that certificates that AZTI complies with the requirements of the UNE 166002:2014 Standard for research, development and innovation activities in the marine and food sector. The certification, UNE 166002:2014 “R&D&I Management: R&D&I Management System Requirements”, aims to organise, systematise and permanently improve R&D&I […]

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Black and white anglerfish hybridise producing viable descendants

A study by the AZTI technology centre shows for the first time that the two species of anglerfish hybridise and can reproduce viably. The research also questions the reliability of the species assignment approach used until now. The results, obtained in the framework of the Joint Research Centre funded GECKA project, have been published in […]

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PRIMA NEWFEED: Turn Food Industry By-products into secondary Feedstuffs via Circular Economy Schemes

From a circular economy approach, the initiative aims to reduce the environmental impact and costs in agricultural production. Coordinated by the AZTI technology centre, this international project also involves the participation of Neiker, the Spanish Confederation of Compound Animal Feed Manufacturers (CESFAC), the Álava Agricultural and Livestock Union (UAGA), Bodegas Baigorri and Riera Nadeu. Derio, […]

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origen basura oceanos

A Full Picture of the Origine and Nature of Ocean Litter

New study published in Nature Sustainability provides the first complete diagnosis of the origin and nature of the litter dumped into the ocean. The collaboration between research institutions and NGOs from 10 countries has allowed the identification of the most polluting products for the main aquatic ecosystems on a global scale, a much-needed information for […]

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economia circular de subproductos para acuicultura

Circular economy from beer by-products creates wealth and green jobs

The European Life Brewery project, coordinated by AZTI, has developed a circular economy solution that makes it possible to reuse by-products from the brewing industry (around 7 million tonnes of bagasse and 1 million tonnes of yeast) as ingredients to make aquaculture feed. The initiative represents a firm commitment to waste recovery, a boost to […]

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nutricion personalizada

AZTI to be Athletic Club’s scientific partner in the Smart Nutrition Lab on personalised nutrition

Athletic Club is launching, with the scientific collaboration of AZTI, a pioneering personalised nutrition project unlike any other in the international sports industry. It will be a leading centre in the field of intelligent nutrition within professional sport. The Smart Nutrition Lab project is a revolutionary concept centered around a laboratory which will incorporate the latest advances in […]

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memoria 2020 AZTI

2020 Report

2020 posed an unprecedented challenge which, of course, also had a full impact on AZTI’s activity. The COVID-19 pandemic was a global disruption, provoking conjunctural changes in society and an accelerated journey into the future in certain structural changes that we were already experiencing. However, the  confinement did not mean that we paralysed our scientific […]

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cuerdas biodegradables acuicultura

BIOGEARS develops its first prototype of biodegradable ropes

The EU-funded BIOGEARS project has developed its first biobased and biodegradable rope prototypes for offshore aquaculture. The prototypes are a significant step towards the project’s contribution to a more eco-friendly aquaculture industry. BIOGEARS aims to provide the European aquaculture sector with innovative products and a value chain to challenge the existing gap of biobased ropes […]

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Consumers and producers in favour of using phages as an alternative to antibiotics in the fight against Campylobacter in poultry

Phages or bacteriophages are organisms that infect and destroy target bacteria. The consumption of poultry food products has been commonly linked to Campylobacter infections, which generates a strong demand for novel strategies to control this pathogen from farm to table. The C-SNIPER project is devoted to the development of an innovative, natural, and efficient bacteriophage-based […]

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cocinar los alimentos en casa

How to handle and cook food to preserve its nutrients?

MERCEDES CARO, MÓNICA IBARGUEN and ANA BARANDA. Experts in food processing. AZTI The nutritional value of food is almost always altered by the type of processing it undergoes. Eating cooked food helps facilitate the digestion process and facilitates the absorption of many nutrients. However, it can also reduce the levels of some vitamins and minerals. […]

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camara submarina

Towards digitalisation of fisheries

Jose A. Fernandes, Ainhoa Caballero, Iñaki Quincoces y Gorka Gabiña. Experts in fisheries digitalisation There is a move towards automation of the data collection process in the tertiary sector that can improve its management and efficiency. Examples in the fisheries sector are vessel monitoring systems (VMS) and the electronic logbook. However, some of this data […]

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High pressure to produce healthier food with cleaner label

The AZTI technology centre has worked on the development of a technological solution for preserving high-viscosity liquid food products in healthier and more natural conditions. The first pilot prototype, created within the framework of the European underPRESSURE project, is located at AZTI’s facilities, available to companies that wish to test the technology. Funded by EIT […]

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Tell me where you fish and I’ll tell you where you’re from

Using satellite geolocation data, a study with the participation of AZTI analyzes how fishing pressure is distributed in international waters. February 26, 2021 – An international team with the participation of AZTI technology center, a member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA), has inferred and analyzed the global network that links fishing grounds […]

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Hombre enciende horno para meter un vaso de agua a acalentar y tienen una encimera un sobre y un plato hondo

Cancer and nutrition: what you eat can save your life

Cancer treatments can have adverse effects on eating. Many people with cancer experience symptoms such as dysphagia, loss of taste, bad taste in the mouth, metallic taste, mouth sores, vomiting, or loss of appetite at some point. These symptoms affect between 30-85% of patients undergoing cancer treatments, particularly those suffering from gastrointestinal tract cancers (oesophagus, […]

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Can coffee grounds be turned into cattle feed? The circular economy has the answer

The AZTI technology centre coordinates the Life-ECOFFEED project with the aim of developing, demonstrating and implementing a full-scale innovative and sustainable solution for the recovery of coffee grounds as an alternative ingredient in the diet of dairy cattle The initiative contributes to minimising the environmental impact of waste from the HORECA sector, to a more […]

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Columna con un cártel en el que pone planet earth first con un jardín de fondo

The proteins of the future: keys to making them known

Why is it important to promote and alternative proteins and make them known? What is the common ground between legislative experts, researchers, and representatives of the food industry? The development of alternative proteins has emerged as one of the main fields of food innovation in Europe. But are consumers ready to introduce new or unfamiliar […]

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Food retailers winning trust through COVID-19 pandemic

Farmers also saw boost in consumer trust as one in four European consumers had greater faith in the food industry The AZTI technology centre, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the Autonomous University of Madrid have been the Spanish partners in research Bilbao, December 18, 2020. Consumers are more trusting in the food industry […]

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hombre feliz sobre las hojas

Access to nature important for mental health during Covid lockdowns

The AZTI technology centre has led an international study to check the evolution of the state of mind of the population during home confinement due to the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic The study was based on a survey of 6,769 people from 77 countries. 11/12/2020 People in European countries with the strictest COVID-19 […]

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Eating insects is not for me

One in four people in Spain are not willing to cut back on consumption of red meat and most are absolutely sure that insects are not a protein source they want to consume, indicates a study conducted by AZTI The survey of the eating preferences of 1,500 European consumers is part of the European Future […]

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AZTI researcher, Ángel Borja, on the list of the world’s most cited scientists

The list of Highly Cited Researchers published annually by the well-known British company for the analysis and compilation of scientific publications Clarivate Analytics, includes in its list, one more year, Angel Borja, AZTI’s expert in environmental management of seas and coasts. In total, the list includes 6,389 researchers from all over the world, including 26 […]

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Campana Bioman anchoa

The juvenile anchovy population remains at sustainable levels in the Gulf of Biscay

The JUVENA campaign places the biomass of anchovies under one year old currently living in the Gulf at 230,000 tonnes. The data anticipates medium-high recruitment for next year’s fishing campaign. This initiative, promoted by the Basque Government and carried out annually by the AZTI technology centre, has contributed to responsible and sustainable fishing in the […]

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gallinas y gallos

Forefront technology fighting Campylobacter in poultry

Campylobacteriosis is the most frequently reported food-borne illness in Europe, and the increase of antibiotic resistance makes it critical to develop novel non-antibiotic based strategies to reduce Campylobacter risk within the EU poultry sector. C‑SNIPER has developed an innovative and natural solution, based on the use of bacteriophages, for the biocontrol of Campylobacter in the […]

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portada IJGFS

International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science. The first journal that manages to bring gastronomy into the ranking of top-quality scientific journals

Its promoters, Mugaritz, AZTI and Basque Culinary Center, and its publisher Elsevier, celebrate it with a joint seminar that renowned experts will be participating in: Andoni Luis Aduriz (Mugaritz) Rogelio Pozo (Azti), Joxe Mari Aizega (Basque Culinary Center), Juan Carlos Arboleya (IJGFS), Morgane Dagot (Elsevier), Dani Lasa, (Imago), Jorge Ruiz (Universidad de Extremadura), Charles Spence […]

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barcos en playa

International, Horizon 2020 project, “Mission Atlantic” launched to map and assess sustainable development of the Atlantic Ocean

International ocean experts from Europe, Brazil, South Africa, Canada and the USA have joined forces to map and assess the current and future risks from climate change, natural hazards and human activities to Atlantic ecosystems.   Funded by a €11.5M grant from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, MISSION ATLANTIC will be the first initiative […]

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Temporales debido al cambio climático


At AZTI we do research to understand the effects of climate change on the ocean, the coast and marine resources, to define strategies for adapting to these effects and to establish mitigation measures, transforming this great global challenge into an untapped opportunity. These are some of the initiatives taken in recent years to respond to […]

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At AZTI we promote the innovative power of companies, designing socially, economically and environmentally sustainable solutions that motivate and inspire society to live more responsibly, which translates into greater sustainability and an increase in general well-being. Some of our actions in the last year to respond to this challenge: 12.3  and 12.5 Reducing food waste […]

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On research excellence at AZTI

XABIER IRIGOIEN. Scientific Director. AZTI Research is the key engine for the progress of societies and therefore states invest significant amounts of resources to fund it. However, this is a long-term investment, where measuring the return is complicated and to monitor the progress of research different indicators have been proposed. This kind of indicators are […]

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congreso uhinak

Uhinak launches its new format

Uhinak, Cross-border Congress on Climate and Coastal Change, is facing its fourth edition under the slogan ” Focussed on action against climate emergency”.

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“Trash cooking” or how to cook to make the most of the food

SAIOA ALVAREZ-SABATEL, LAURA FERNÁNDEZ. Experts in food formulation and processing. AZTI According to European Commission estimates, 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted each year, this is one third of world production. In addition, 42 percent of this waste is food that ends up in the rubbish at home. Therefore, in recent times and with […]

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AZTI seeks to provide abundance index of bluefin tuna

AZTI research center carried out the BFT Index research survey, in order to provide an indicator of the abundance of bluefin tuna in the Bay of Biscay Pasaia, 16th June 2020. – During the month of June, the AZTI research center carried out the BFT Index research survey, in order to provide an indicator of the abundance of […]

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ola rompiendo

Uhinak announces new dates

IV Cross-border Congress on Climate and Coastal Change, Uhinak, to be held on 4 and 5 November in Ficoba (Irun) The current health crisis resulting from COVID-19, as well as criteria of prudence and responsibility, have led to the decision to move this meeting that was going to be held from 30 September to 1 […]

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We are looking for quantitative economists

We are looking for people who may be interested in joining the AZTI team in future job opportunities in the area of sustainable fisheries management, in the “Socio economía pesquera” area. Specifically, we are looking for quantitative economist profiles with the following characteristics: Preferably with a background in economics or business management, other training courses […]

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Predicting the future Fish of the Day? How well do our models work?

The technology centre, AZTI, has participated in an international research study to find out how reliable projections of today’s fisheries forecasting models are in the North-East Atlantic. The main conclusion of the study is that the models used for climate change impacts on commercial marine fish species are reliable in terms of the analysis of […]

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Towards safer and more marine ecosystem-friendly tuna fishing

AZTI has coordinated a European project that has permitted evaluating fish aggregating devices constructed with biodegradable and non-entangling materials, in real marine conditions. The research has taken place in the Indian Ocean, where 771 devices were deployed in the fishery operational areas of the tropical tuna PS fleet. Pasaia, May 4, 2020.- The development of […]

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How to minimize household food waste

JAIME ZUFÍA. Coordinator of Efficient and Sustainable Processes. AZTI En estos momentos donde además es necesario salir el mínimo de veces a la compra, nuestras recomendaciones para minimizar el desperdicio alimentario en casa son las siguientes: In these moments when it is also necessary to go out a minimum of times to buy, our recommendations […]

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fondo marino

Biotechnology to reduce mercury pollution in marine sediments

The aim of the MER-CLUB project is to develop a technology based on the use of marine bacteria that have the capacity to degrade a toxic mercury compound that bio-accumulates in the trophic network, and thus improve the marine environment quality. The initiative led by the AZTI technology centre was launched in late 2019, with […]

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cocina casera

Confinados en casa: efectos del COVID-19 en las tendencias de consumo alimentario

NAGORE PICAZA. Experta en innovación tecnológica de AZTI ¿Como está cambiando el consumo en estos tiempos de confinamiento? ¿Retornaremos a nuestros hábitos una vez pase la crisis? ¿Qué oportunidades se vislumbran, ahora y post-COVID-19? La crisis sanitaria del COVID-19 que estamos viviendo a nivel mundial ha hecho que de la noche a la mañana cambiemos […]

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redes para

Advanced solutions to reduce unwanted catches in trawling

A project coordinated by the AZTI technology center demonstrates that the application of selective devices in trawl nets reduces the unwanted capture of certain species subject to the landing obligation. The investigation has been carried out on board commercial trawlers, so it has the verification of the fishermen themselves. Sukarrieta, February 11, 2020. Fishing is […]

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The fourth edition of Uhinak will be held in Ficoba on 30 September and 1 October

Irun, February 3, 2020. “Working to respond to the climate crisis” is the renewed slogan under which the fourth edition of the Cross-Border Conference on Climate and Coastal Change will be held, bringing together representatives of the scientific and technical community and the Government authorities. An interdisciplinary approach through which this conference seeks to understand […]

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stocks pesqueros

European fish stocks on the move

Changes in distribution can result in a mismatch between quota shares and regional abundances within management areas 27 January 2020. Many European fish populations are on the move due to warming oceans and increasing numbers, according to new research from an international team of scientists led by the International Council for the Exploration of the […]

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New EMFF project “BIOGEARS” launched to develop biobased ropes for aquaculture

BIOGEARS is a new innovative project funded by the European Union under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund that is set to develop biobased gear solutions for the creation of an eco-friendly offshore aquaculture sector using a multitrophic approach and new biobased value chains. The project aims to provide the European aquaculture sector with innovative […]

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radar hf

EuroSea: Gathering more Knowledge for a sustainable Use of the Ocean

A new EU project funded with 12m Euros will provide new insight into making ocean observation more efficient 28 November 2019 / Kiel. Europe with its long coastlines, many peninsulas, marginal seas, gulfs and bays is closely interlocked with the ocean. In times of sea-level rise and global warming, it is important to know exactly […]

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New global atlas on using advanced technology to monitor fishing activity

Fishing vessels with Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) increasing by 10 to 30 percent each year Download Atlas 19 November 2019, Rome – A new global atlas – the first-ever of its kind – analyses the opportunities and challenges of using Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) to monitor fishing activity around the globe. AIS is a tracking […]

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pesca mesopelagica sostenible

New EU project on sustainable mesopelagic fisheries

Researchers are to look into whether organisms living deep in the oceans can be exploited in an ecologically and economically sustainable way Bilbao, 26th October, 2019. Mesopelagic organisms live at depths between 200 and 1000 m. The mesopelagic community is the subject for research in the new EU-H2020 research project MEESO which is funded for […]

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AZTI has developed a genetic method to identify the origin of bluefin tuna specimens, to improve the management and promoting the conservation of the species

The technology centre has coordinated this research that enables the development of a pioneering tool to discover the origin of the specimens of this species for an improved management and sustainability. The results of the study, led by AZTI researchers, Naiara Rodríguez Ezpeleta and Haritz Arrizabalaga, have been published in the prestigious scientific journal, Frontiers […]

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Industrialised fishing overlaps threatened shark hotspots worldwide

Major high seas fishing activities are centred on ecologically important shark hotspots worldwide North Atlantic blue sharks and shortfin mako – the fastest shark in the sea – have on average 76% and 62% of their space use, respectively, overlapped by longlines each month Even internationally protected species such as great white and porbeagle sharks […]

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mejillon de acuicultura

Euskadi produce ya mejillones en el Parque Acuícola de Mendexa

Las investigaciones de AZTI sobre cría y comercialización de este molusco han dado lugar a la creación de la empresa Matxitxako Moluscos S.L. Matxitxako Moluskoak es la primera iniciativa acuícola empresarial para la producción de mejillón de mar abierto en el Cantábrico La pesca emplea alrededor de 2.400 personas en Euskadi y genera 10.000 empleos […]

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cuerdas bluenet

Weaving networks for more sustainable seas

BLUENET, an initiative that seeks to reduce marine litter in the south-eastern Bay of Biscay, by transferring the litter trapped in fishing vessel nets to the mainland, is led by the technology centre, AZTI. The project, based on the principles of the circular economy, also plans to recycle and reuse fishing materials to manufacture new […]

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AZTI leads the development of an advanced biocontrol tool against Campylobacter in poultry.

Campylobacteriosis, the most frequently reported food-borne illness in Europe, with an associated average cost of 2,400 M€/year. The increase of antibiotic resistance makes it critical to develop novel non-antibiotic based strategies to reduce Campylobacter risk within the EU poultry sector. The C-SNIPER project is focused on the development and validation of an innovative, efficient and […]

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Climate change will redistribute tuna

AZTI is leading a study on the impact of future ocean conditions on the distribution and abundance of six tuna species. Under marine global warming scenarios, the research foresees increases in tropical species, such as skipjack and yellowfin tuna, concentrating most of human consumption, whilst the rest of the species will move towards the poles. […]

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tortuga plastico

4 answers to know everything about microplastics

IZASKUN ZORITA. Expert in Environmental Management of Seas and Coasts. AZTI Microplastic was the term chosen by the Fundación del Español Urgente (Fundéu BBVA) as the word of 2018. Today, plastic pollution of marine ecosystems is presented to us in the form of tiny particles, often undetectable to the naked eye, but no longer just […]

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alimentacion sostenible y saludable

Towards a sustainable and healthy diet: what is the role of the local product?

SONIA RIESCO. Expert in identification and study of trends. AZTI Local product, sustainable food, eco-design, organic products, short marketing channel… There are many concepts that revolve around sustainability and the local. But do we really know what is what? The local concept is associated with many concepts that are of interest to the consumer: origin, […]

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AZTI enters the European elite of operational oceanography research

Being a part of EuroGOOS puts an emphasis on the quality of AZTI’s investigation in the field of marine research and operational oceanography.  Operational oceanography includes the measures and samples taken in oceans to predict high-risk natural phenomena, plan rescue operations or combat climate change. EuroGOOS is an international non-profit organisation, made up of 42 […]

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