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Black and white anglerfish hybridise producing viable descendants

A study by the AZTI technology centre shows for the first time that the two species of anglerfish hybridise and can reproduce viably. The research also questions the reliability of the species assignment approach used until now. The results, obtained in the framework of the Joint Research Centre funded GECKA project, have been published in […]

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PRIMA NEWFEED: Turn Food Industry By-products into secondary Feedstuffs via Circular Economy Schemes

From a circular economy approach, the initiative aims to reduce the environmental impact and costs in agricultural production. Coordinated by the AZTI technology centre, this international project also involves the participation of Neiker, the Spanish Confederation of Compound Animal Feed Manufacturers (CESFAC), the Álava Agricultural and Livestock Union (UAGA), Bodegas Baigorri and Riera Nadeu. Derio, […]

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origen basura oceanos

A Full Picture of the Origine and Nature of Ocean Litter

New study published in Nature Sustainability provides the first complete diagnosis of the origin and nature of the litter dumped into the ocean. The collaboration between research institutions and NGOs from 10 countries has allowed the identification of the most polluting products for the main aquatic ecosystems on a global scale, a much-needed information for […]

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economia circular de subproductos para acuicultura

Circular economy from beer by-products creates wealth and green jobs

The European Life Brewery project, coordinated by AZTI, has developed a circular economy solution that makes it possible to reuse by-products from the brewing industry (around 7 million tonnes of bagasse and 1 million tonnes of yeast) as ingredients to make aquaculture feed. The initiative represents a firm commitment to waste recovery, a boost to […]

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nutricion personalizada

AZTI to be Athletic Club’s scientific partner in the Smart Nutrition Lab on personalised nutrition

Athletic Club is launching, with the scientific collaboration of AZTI, a pioneering personalised nutrition project unlike any other in the international sports industry. It will be a leading centre in the field of intelligent nutrition within professional sport. The Smart Nutrition Lab project is a revolutionary concept centered around a laboratory which will incorporate the latest advances in […]

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memoria 2020 AZTI

2020 Report

2020 posed an unprecedented challenge which, of course, also had a full impact on AZTI’s activity. The COVID-19 pandemic was a global disruption, provoking conjunctural changes in society and an accelerated journey into the future in certain structural changes that we were already experiencing. However, the  confinement did not mean that we paralysed our scientific […]

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cuerdas biodegradables acuicultura

BIOGEARS develops its first prototype of biodegradable ropes

The EU-funded BIOGEARS project has developed its first biobased and biodegradable rope prototypes for offshore aquaculture. The prototypes are a significant step towards the project’s contribution to a more eco-friendly aquaculture industry. BIOGEARS aims to provide the European aquaculture sector with innovative products and a value chain to challenge the existing gap of biobased ropes […]

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Consumers and producers in favour of using phages as an alternative to antibiotics in the fight against Campylobacter in poultry

Phages or bacteriophages are organisms that infect and destroy target bacteria. The consumption of poultry food products has been commonly linked to Campylobacter infections, which generates a strong demand for novel strategies to control this pathogen from farm to table. The C-SNIPER project is devoted to the development of an innovative, natural, and efficient bacteriophage-based […]

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High pressure to produce healthier food with cleaner label

The AZTI technology centre has worked on the development of a technological solution for preserving high-viscosity liquid food products in healthier and more natural conditions. The first pilot prototype, created within the framework of the European underPRESSURE project, is located at AZTI’s facilities, available to companies that wish to test the technology. Funded by EIT […]

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Tell me where you fish and I’ll tell you where you’re from

Using satellite geolocation data, a study with the participation of AZTI analyzes how fishing pressure is distributed in international waters. February 26, 2021 – An international team with the participation of AZTI technology center, a member of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance (BRTA), has inferred and analyzed the global network that links fishing grounds […]

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Hombre enciende horno para meter un vaso de agua a acalentar y tienen una encimera un sobre y un plato hondo

Cancer and nutrition: what you eat can save your life

Cancer treatments can have adverse effects on eating. Many people with cancer experience symptoms such as dysphagia, loss of taste, bad taste in the mouth, metallic taste, mouth sores, vomiting, or loss of appetite at some point. These symptoms affect between 30-85% of patients undergoing cancer treatments, particularly those suffering from gastrointestinal tract cancers (oesophagus, […]

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Can coffee grounds be turned into cattle feed? The circular economy has the answer

The AZTI technology centre coordinates the Life-ECOFFEED project with the aim of developing, demonstrating and implementing a full-scale innovative and sustainable solution for the recovery of coffee grounds as an alternative ingredient in the diet of dairy cattle The initiative contributes to minimising the environmental impact of waste from the HORECA sector, to a more […]

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Columna con un cártel en el que pone planet earth first con un jardín de fondo

The proteins of the future: keys to making them known

Why is it important to promote and alternative proteins and make them known? What is the common ground between legislative experts, researchers, and representatives of the food industry? The development of alternative proteins has emerged as one of the main fields of food innovation in Europe. But are consumers ready to introduce new or unfamiliar […]

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Food retailers winning trust through COVID-19 pandemic

Farmers also saw boost in consumer trust as one in four European consumers had greater faith in the food industry The AZTI technology centre, the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the Autonomous University of Madrid have been the Spanish partners in research Bilbao, December 18, 2020. Consumers are more trusting in the food industry […]

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hombre feliz sobre las hojas

Access to nature important for mental health during Covid lockdowns

The AZTI technology centre has led an international study to check the evolution of the state of mind of the population during home confinement due to the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic The study was based on a survey of 6,769 people from 77 countries. 11/12/2020 People in European countries with the strictest COVID-19 […]

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Eating insects is not for me

One in four people in Spain are not willing to cut back on consumption of red meat and most are absolutely sure that insects are not a protein source they want to consume, indicates a study conducted by AZTI The survey of the eating preferences of 1,500 European consumers is part of the European Future […]

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AZTI researcher, Ángel Borja, on the list of the world’s most cited scientists

The list of Highly Cited Researchers published annually by the well-known British company for the analysis and compilation of scientific publications Clarivate Analytics, includes in its list, one more year, Angel Borja, AZTI’s expert in environmental management of seas and coasts. In total, the list includes 6,389 researchers from all over the world, including 26 […]

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Campana Bioman anchoa

The juvenile anchovy population remains at sustainable levels in the Gulf of Biscay

The JUVENA campaign places the biomass of anchovies under one year old currently living in the Gulf at 230,000 tonnes. The data anticipates medium-high recruitment for next year’s fishing campaign. This initiative, promoted by the Basque Government and carried out annually by the AZTI technology centre, has contributed to responsible and sustainable fishing in the […]

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gallinas y gallos

Forefront technology fighting Campylobacter in poultry

Campylobacteriosis is the most frequently reported food-borne illness in Europe, and the increase of antibiotic resistance makes it critical to develop novel non-antibiotic based strategies to reduce Campylobacter risk within the EU poultry sector. C‑SNIPER has developed an innovative and natural solution, based on the use of bacteriophages, for the biocontrol of Campylobacter in the […]

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portada IJGFS

International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science. The first journal that manages to bring gastronomy into the ranking of top-quality scientific journals

Its promoters, Mugaritz, AZTI and Basque Culinary Center, and its publisher Elsevier, celebrate it with a joint seminar that renowned experts will be participating in: Andoni Luis Aduriz (Mugaritz) Rogelio Pozo (Azti), Joxe Mari Aizega (Basque Culinary Center), Juan Carlos Arboleya (IJGFS), Morgane Dagot (Elsevier), Dani Lasa, (Imago), Jorge Ruiz (Universidad de Extremadura), Charles Spence […]

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barcos en playa

International, Horizon 2020 project, “Mission Atlantic” launched to map and assess sustainable development of the Atlantic Ocean

International ocean experts from Europe, Brazil, South Africa, Canada and the USA have joined forces to map and assess the current and future risks from climate change, natural hazards and human activities to Atlantic ecosystems.   Funded by a €11.5M grant from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, MISSION ATLANTIC will be the first initiative […]

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Temporales debido al cambio climático


At AZTI we do research to understand the effects of climate change on the ocean, the coast and marine resources, to define strategies for adapting to these effects and to establish mitigation measures, transforming this great global challenge into an untapped opportunity. These are some of the initiatives taken in recent years to respond to […]

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At AZTI we promote the innovative power of companies, designing socially, economically and environmentally sustainable solutions that motivate and inspire society to live more responsibly, which translates into greater sustainability and an increase in general well-being. Some of our actions in the last year to respond to this challenge: 12.3  and 12.5 Reducing food waste […]

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On research excellence at AZTI

XABIER IRIGOIEN. Scientific Director. AZTI Research is the key engine for the progress of societies and therefore states invest significant amounts of resources to fund it. However, this is a long-term investment, where measuring the return is complicated and to monitor the progress of research different indicators have been proposed. This kind of indicators are […]

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congreso uhinak

Uhinak launches its new format

Uhinak, Cross-border Congress on Climate and Coastal Change, is facing its fourth edition under the slogan ” Focussed on action against climate emergency”.

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“Trash cooking” or how to cook to make the most of the food

SAIOA ALVAREZ-SABATEL, LAURA FERNÁNDEZ. Experts in food formulation and processing. AZTI According to European Commission estimates, 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted each year, this is one third of world production. In addition, 42 percent of this waste is food that ends up in the rubbish at home. Therefore, in recent times and with […]

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AZTI seeks to provide abundance index of bluefin tuna

AZTI research center carried out the BFT Index research survey, in order to provide an indicator of the abundance of bluefin tuna in the Bay of Biscay Pasaia, 16th June 2020. – During the month of June, the AZTI research center carried out the BFT Index research survey, in order to provide an indicator of the abundance of […]

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ola rompiendo

Uhinak announces new dates

IV Cross-border Congress on Climate and Coastal Change, Uhinak, to be held on 4 and 5 November in Ficoba (Irun) The current health crisis resulting from COVID-19, as well as criteria of prudence and responsibility, have led to the decision to move this meeting that was going to be held from 30 September to 1 […]

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We are looking for quantitative economists

We are looking for people who may be interested in joining the AZTI team in future job opportunities in the area of sustainable fisheries management, in the “Socio economía pesquera” area. Specifically, we are looking for quantitative economist profiles with the following characteristics: Preferably with a background in economics or business management, other training courses […]

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Predicting the future Fish of the Day? How well do our models work?

The technology centre, AZTI, has participated in an international research study to find out how reliable projections of today’s fisheries forecasting models are in the North-East Atlantic. The main conclusion of the study is that the models used for climate change impacts on commercial marine fish species are reliable in terms of the analysis of […]

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Towards safer and more marine ecosystem-friendly tuna fishing

AZTI has coordinated a European project that has permitted evaluating fish aggregating devices constructed with biodegradable and non-entangling materials, in real marine conditions. The research has taken place in the Indian Ocean, where 771 devices were deployed in the fishery operational areas of the tropical tuna PS fleet. Pasaia, May 4, 2020.- The development of […]

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How to minimize household food waste

JAIME ZUFÍA. Coordinator of Efficient and Sustainable Processes. AZTI En estos momentos donde además es necesario salir el mínimo de veces a la compra, nuestras recomendaciones para minimizar el desperdicio alimentario en casa son las siguientes: In these moments when it is also necessary to go out a minimum of times to buy, our recommendations […]

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fondo marino

Biotechnology to reduce mercury pollution in marine sediments

The aim of the MER-CLUB project is to develop a technology based on the use of marine bacteria that have the capacity to degrade a toxic mercury compound that bio-accumulates in the trophic network, and thus improve the marine environment quality. The initiative led by the AZTI technology centre was launched in late 2019, with […]

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cocina casera

Confinados en casa: efectos del COVID-19 en las tendencias de consumo alimentario

NAGORE PICAZA. Experta en innovación tecnológica de AZTI ¿Como está cambiando el consumo en estos tiempos de confinamiento? ¿Retornaremos a nuestros hábitos una vez pase la crisis? ¿Qué oportunidades se vislumbran, ahora y post-COVID-19? La crisis sanitaria del COVID-19 que estamos viviendo a nivel mundial ha hecho que de la noche a la mañana cambiemos […]

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redes para

Advanced solutions to reduce unwanted catches in trawling

A project coordinated by the AZTI technology center demonstrates that the application of selective devices in trawl nets reduces the unwanted capture of certain species subject to the landing obligation. The investigation has been carried out on board commercial trawlers, so it has the verification of the fishermen themselves. Sukarrieta, February 11, 2020. Fishing is […]

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The fourth edition of Uhinak will be held in Ficoba on 30 September and 1 October

Irun, February 3, 2020. “Working to respond to the climate crisis” is the renewed slogan under which the fourth edition of the Cross-Border Conference on Climate and Coastal Change will be held, bringing together representatives of the scientific and technical community and the Government authorities. An interdisciplinary approach through which this conference seeks to understand […]

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stocks pesqueros

European fish stocks on the move

Changes in distribution can result in a mismatch between quota shares and regional abundances within management areas 27 January 2020. Many European fish populations are on the move due to warming oceans and increasing numbers, according to new research from an international team of scientists led by the International Council for the Exploration of the […]

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New EMFF project “BIOGEARS” launched to develop biobased ropes for aquaculture

BIOGEARS is a new innovative project funded by the European Union under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund that is set to develop biobased gear solutions for the creation of an eco-friendly offshore aquaculture sector using a multitrophic approach and new biobased value chains. The project aims to provide the European aquaculture sector with innovative […]

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radar hf

EuroSea: Gathering more Knowledge for a sustainable Use of the Ocean

A new EU project funded with 12m Euros will provide new insight into making ocean observation more efficient 28 November 2019 / Kiel. Europe with its long coastlines, many peninsulas, marginal seas, gulfs and bays is closely interlocked with the ocean. In times of sea-level rise and global warming, it is important to know exactly […]

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New global atlas on using advanced technology to monitor fishing activity

Fishing vessels with Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) increasing by 10 to 30 percent each year Download Atlas 19 November 2019, Rome – A new global atlas – the first-ever of its kind – analyses the opportunities and challenges of using Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) to monitor fishing activity around the globe. AIS is a tracking […]

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pesca mesopelagica sostenible

New EU project on sustainable mesopelagic fisheries

Researchers are to look into whether organisms living deep in the oceans can be exploited in an ecologically and economically sustainable way Bilbao, 26th October, 2019. Mesopelagic organisms live at depths between 200 and 1000 m. The mesopelagic community is the subject for research in the new EU-H2020 research project MEESO which is funded for […]

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AZTI has developed a genetic method to identify the origin of bluefin tuna specimens, to improve the management and promoting the conservation of the species

The technology centre has coordinated this research that enables the development of a pioneering tool to discover the origin of the specimens of this species for an improved management and sustainability. The results of the study, led by AZTI researchers, Naiara Rodríguez Ezpeleta and Haritz Arrizabalaga, have been published in the prestigious scientific journal, Frontiers […]

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Industrialised fishing overlaps threatened shark hotspots worldwide

Major high seas fishing activities are centred on ecologically important shark hotspots worldwide North Atlantic blue sharks and shortfin mako – the fastest shark in the sea – have on average 76% and 62% of their space use, respectively, overlapped by longlines each month Even internationally protected species such as great white and porbeagle sharks […]

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cuerdas bluenet

Weaving networks for more sustainable seas

BLUENET, an initiative that seeks to reduce marine litter in the south-eastern Bay of Biscay, by transferring the litter trapped in fishing vessel nets to the mainland, is led by the technology centre, AZTI. The project, based on the principles of the circular economy, also plans to recycle and reuse fishing materials to manufacture new […]

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AZTI leads the development of an advanced biocontrol tool against Campylobacter in poultry.

Campylobacteriosis, the most frequently reported food-borne illness in Europe, with an associated average cost of 2,400 M€/year. The increase of antibiotic resistance makes it critical to develop novel non-antibiotic based strategies to reduce Campylobacter risk within the EU poultry sector. The C-SNIPER project is focused on the development and validation of an innovative, efficient and […]

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Climate change will redistribute tuna

AZTI is leading a study on the impact of future ocean conditions on the distribution and abundance of six tuna species. Under marine global warming scenarios, the research foresees increases in tropical species, such as skipjack and yellowfin tuna, concentrating most of human consumption, whilst the rest of the species will move towards the poles. […]

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alimentacion sostenible y saludable

Towards a sustainable and healthy diet: what is the role of the local product?

SONIA RIESCO. Expert in identification and study of trends. AZTI Local product, sustainable food, eco-design, organic products, short marketing channel… There are many concepts that revolve around sustainability and the local. But do we really know what is what? The local concept is associated with many concepts that are of interest to the consumer: origin, […]

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AZTI enters the European elite of operational oceanography research

Being a part of EuroGOOS puts an emphasis on the quality of AZTI’s investigation in the field of marine research and operational oceanography.  Operational oceanography includes the measures and samples taken in oceans to predict high-risk natural phenomena, plan rescue operations or combat climate change. EuroGOOS is an international non-profit organisation, made up of 42 […]

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