The biodiversity of our oceans is one of the main sources of biotechnologically-relevant micro-organisms and enzymes that allow for the development of more sustainable production processes for high value-added compounds. On the other hand, the food industry generates various by-products that can be used as a source of nutrients for the production of microorganisms of commercial interest (microalgae, fungi) and their derived products, within a concept of Circular Economy.

biotecnología alimentación

We search for ocean recovery solutions and food production innovations

We explore genetic diversity and isolate micro-organisms in new environments with the purpose of identifying microbial metabolic pathways that participate in the production of interesting compounds (Omega-3), biotransformation processes, and the colonisation of submerged surfaces (biofouling).

Food biotechnology

We innovate in obtaining natural bioproducts through the production of microorganisms from food by-products, for application in the production of healthier, healthier and safer foods (for both animal and human food), as well as in the development of more sustainable and less polluting industrial processes.

Blue biotechnology

At AZTI we explore the genetic and functional diversity of marine microorganisms for the development of new biotechnological applications. Starting from bacterial isolates from diverse marine niches or from the immense repertoire of functional genes in natural microbial communities, our aim is to identify compounds and biotransformation processes of interest for the improvement of human health and environmental protection. Examples of our lines of research include:

  • Identification of marine glycan processing enzymes with application in the fields of glycomics and human health. 
  • Identification of new marine polysaccharides with bioactive potential.
  • Identification of new marine micro-organisms producing polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3).
  • Use of marine bacteria for the bioremediation of mercury from marine sediments.

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