AZTI and all its workers are deeply concerned about the war in Ukraine and the impact it is having on the civilian population in the affected regions.

War, violence, the death of innocent people… can never be the solution. As strong supporters of the Sustainable Development Goals, we put people at the centre and defend human rights as a fundamental value of society. We therefore raise our voice to proclaim our solidarity with those who stand against oppression and those who demand peace by defending fundamental values.

Our future is based on our solidarity, on the defence of people and their rights. That is why, from the visibility provided by our communication platforms, we want to contribute to the dissemination of different initiatives that are already being carried out to collaborate with the people of Ukraine.​

Statement by BRTA – Basque Research and Technology Alliance

Due to the war in Ukraine and the dramatic situation of exile of a large part of its population, mostly women and children, the Basque Research and Technology Alliance, BRTA, joins the call for solidarity with the Ukrainian people.  In this spirit, its 17 associated centres have agreed to set up an aid programme at various levels (technical personnel, doctoral students, research and technology personnel) to provide assistance to research personnel, especially women, who have been forced to leave Ukraine as a result of the war, by providing them with workplaces in the premises of BRTA’s centres. 

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