• Some of the objectives of INKUBA SAREA are to create a network of cross-border experts and mentors, supporting companies and selected start-ups in their development, and raising the visibility of the companies involved.

31 March 2023. The signing of the agreement between the New Aquitaine Euroregion – Basque Country – Navarre this morning at the HAZITEGIA by Agour business hub in Hélette (France), officially launches the INKUBA SAREA project, which aims to create a cross-border network for start-ups and FoodTech companies from New Aquitaine – Basque Country – Navarre, and more generally, from France, Spain and/or the European Union.

The initiative, promoted by the cross-border agri-food company Agour Etxea, AZTI and the public company INTIA, received a grant of 75,000 euros within the framework of the Euroregional Innovation Projects Programme. The aim of this grant is to contribute to the development of a competitive, sustainable and integrating Euroregional economy through the implementation of collaborative driving projects, based on taking advantage of the complementarities and synergies of the three territories.

Planned to run until September 2024, this project has the following objectives:

  • To create a network of cross-border experts and mentors able to support start-ups in their economic development. This network will be integrated both by internal competences of each project partner and by external professionals who, due to their cross-border experience and background, can support the companies of the INKUBA SAREA programme.
  • To select companies from the agri-food and agro-industrial sectors in the three territories interested in a cross-border network for various reasons ( launching of new products, opening of local markets north and south of the Pyrenees, development of a new activity adding an agri-food processing activity to the agricultural activity, innovation, etc.).
  • To define and jointly organise a cross-border immersion for the selected companies and start-ups so that they can immerse themselves in the entrepreneurial culture of each of the three territories.
  • To support the development of each company and start-up according to its individual characteristics and strategies.
  • To organise meetings between companies and start-ups to create a collective, cross-border and Euroregional ecosystem.
  • To Participate in Professional Exhibitions to raise the visibility of the project and the participants.

INKUBA SAREA will also be at FOOD 4 FUTURE on 16 and 17 May in Bilbao. This event, co-organised by AZTI, focuses on innovation for the food and beverage industry. The 2023 edition will focus on Industry 4.0, healthy eating, sustainable production and the fight against climate change.

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