Saioa Álvarez, Laura Fernández and Esther Sanmartín, New Food Researchers.

Much has evolved since the first aerosols were marketed in the mid 1950s. So much so that today, the existence of aerosols in food is not surprising. Or is it?

The truth is that beyond whipped cream or spray oil, the presence of this format in the food market is limited. However, the search for novel solutions or formats that satisfy consumers may change this. Here are some reasons why aerosol packaged foods are worth considering.

A kitchen helping hand with surprising results

Aerosol packaging technology makes it possible to develop products of high sensory quality, with attractive textures and innovative formats such as foams, pulverised products, etc. Examples such as cheese foam, churro dough, frosting for pastries, etc., are aerosol products that have already been developed and which allow the creation of more complex dishes in a very short time. It should not be forgotten that consumers like to cook, but do not have the time to do so. Likewise, with this type of packaging, attractive decorations can be created, which are in great demand in the catering industry, without the need to use additional kitchen gadgets.

marianito con zappore

They facilitate dosing

These products are easy and clean to apply, which also allow us to adapt the portion to our needs, reducing food waste compared to other conventional packaging.

Controlling the dosing and the format in which the product is dispensed can also reduce the intake of less healthy ingredients such as salt, sugar or fat. One example: salt spray can help reduce your daily intake by 20%.      

They extend product life

Another advantage of this type of packaging is that even once opened, they prevent penetration of air, light or microbial agents, protecting the product from contamination and common reactions in foodstuffs, such as oxidation. Therefore, as they are able to guarantee a longer shelf life once opened, they increase the chances of consumption.

Versatile and constantly developing technology

It is an established technology that is constantly evolving. The elements that make it up, such as valves, containers or dispensers can be chosen and adapted according to the desired application, which means that the possibilities of application in food are very extensive. Furthermore, from an environmental point of view, the reduction of food waste, the use of gases with low environmental impact and the constant innovation of the aerosol industry towards more sustainable packaging and reusable elements, forecast a promising future for this technology.

There is still a lot of exploration to be done in this area, but the knowledge and food technology is available. They just need to be harnessed.

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