Competitive intelligence

We provide knowledge of the surroundings and our vision on opportunity scenarios for innovation and the food business

In the ever-changing complex surroundings that we move in, we connect the scientific-technological world with business reality and the environment of change, generating knowledge on the impact to business and society.

We develop a competitive intelligence activity that enables us to act upon changes in the environment and consumption habits. We compile the relevant external information to anticipate the threats and opportunities in the competitive environment of our customers, providing them with value in market niches and new business opportunities.

We drive the company to change, to differentiate itself and to identify new business opportunities that:

  • Facilitates strategic decision-making based on facts and data: reacting to the changing environment.
  • Anticipates future scenarios.
  • Drives change, and action.
  • Focusses on strategy, based on good knowledge management.
  • Adds value to the company’s products/services.

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