At AZTI, we look for alternatives to meet the growing demand for fish.

We create technological solutions for the sustainable development (economic, social and environmental) of marine aquaculture in four fields:

  • Development of new species: studies of the biological cycle, nutrition, animal welfare, new ingredients, digestive and metabolic use of nutrients.
  • Design, development and optimisation of production systems: operational solutions, production management (business models, market studies, food strategies, monitoring systems), production technologies and systems (Big-Data and Industry 4.0).
  • Environmental Management of aquaculture: selection of sites, processing, environmental impact studies, quality of the environment, plankton and biotoxins, etc.
  • Food and Process Safety: Life Cycle Analysis, consumer perception, product quality, processing, eco-efficiency plans, valuation of by-products and optimisation of consumption, transformation and biotechnology.

We have two infrastructures for innovation in aquaculture at sea (1-hectare offshore plot in Mendexa and a floating structure in the port of Mutriku)

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