Fishing is one of the oldest human activities, and the resources of the sea have been a source of food practically from the beginning of our history.

Since then, fishing has been an important part of our culture and economy. From basic fishing tools such as spears, nets and traps, fishing has gradually evolved into more modern fishing vessels. Likewise, technology and innovation have been fundamental in improving the conditions of fishing communities, the profitability of catches and, now more than ever, the sustainability of resources.

There are many types of fishing methods used in the marine environment today, both recreational and commercial. It is therefore important to know about these fishing methods, as it brings us closer to our culture and helps us learn more about the origin of the fish we eat.

This infographic, which presents the main fishing methods used in the marine environment of the Basque coast, has been produced in close collaboration between the artist José Miguel Mayo, who was responsible for the illustrations, and the fisheries data team of AZTI’s Sustainable Fisheries Management area, which was responsible for the content. Produced in three versions (Basque, Spanish and bilingual), the infographic aims to familiarise the general public with the main techniques used in recreational and commercial fishing along our coast. In addition to illustrations of the different types of boats and tackle, the characteristics of each technique are briefly described.

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AZTI’s work on fishing methods

At AZTI, we work to assess, improve and adapt fishing methods so that they are as sustainable as possible from a technical, economic and biological point of view.

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