Having quality data on what is being fished is essential to estimate the species’ stocks and thus be able for sustainable fisheries management.

In order to facilitate the identification of similar but different species and to obtain more precise information on the catches made, the data team of AZTI’s Sustainable Fisheries Management group has produced a series of infographics for the identification of fish species when they arrive at the fish market.

Specifically, four posters have been developed; two of sparidae (including species such as sea bream, gilthead bream and bream), one of triploids (including, among others, common bream, perch and cuckoo) and another of scorpionfish (with species such as redfish and scorpionfish).

The design of the infographics was carried out by NORARTE in close collaboration with AZTI’s scientific staff, using specialised bibliography. On the other hand, the GPS data team, with the help of the sampling staff in ports, has compiled a list of nomenclatures for each species, taking into account the localisms in both Basque and Spanish of different towns or regions along the Cantabrian coast.

As the team that worked on the posters says, “we wanted to move away from the typical identification guides with something more visual in which the fisherman could feel involved in the process”. That is why the illustrations are made from the perspective of the people involved.

identificación de especies
Infographic dedicated to scorpionfish species

The posters will be placed next to the scales and label remover, so that they can be seen when the fish is weighed and the species is assigned on the scales/computer. At first they will be distributed in the fish markets of Bermeo, Ondarroa, Getaria, Pasaia, Hondarribia and Lekeitio, but the idea is to share the posters with all those who may be interested or who may benefit from them, such as nautical schools, fishermen’s associations, fishing boats…

All four infographics are available here:

In case you want to print the illustration, you can request the files in high resolution through the mail info@azti.es and, if you want more information, you can contact datuak.arrantza@azti.es.

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