NEWFEED (Turn Food Industry By-products into secondary Feedstuffs via Circular-Economy Schemes) project has validated 3 value chains at Mediterranean level:

  • Valorization grape stems (Case study 1, carried out in Spain)
  • Valorization of oranges (Case study 2, carried out in Greece)
  • Valorization of olive cake (Case study 3, carried out in Egypt)
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The three by-products have resulted in the development of new feed ingredients, which have been evaluated for their suitability for ruminant and poultry nutrition. To present these promising results to stakeholders from the food industry (including wineries, orange juice and olive oil producers) and end-users of these innovative ingredients (livestock feed manufacturers and livestock farmers), as well as to promote the transfer of the project solutions, Newfeed has scheduled four Demonstration Workshops between March 2024 and June 2025:

March 21st, 2024

The Mediterranean Demonstration Workshop will take place in the framework of World Rural Forum and is organized by AZTI, NEIKER and UAGA at NEIKER’s facilities in Agri-Food Campus of Arkaute, Spain. Located just 10 min away from the World Rural Forum venue, this Demonstration Workshop will offer you valuable insights into the experimental farm where Case study 1 was carried out, visiting the facilities where the validation of ingredients used in pilot tests in dairy sheep and cattle took place.

June 17 th, 2024

The Greek Demonstration Workshop will be carry out in Giannitsa, Greece. The participants will have the unique opportunity to visit the facilities of ELGO-DEMETRA where a part of Case study 2 took place and the pilot tests of validation of feed ingredients from orange peel in dairy sheep; however the progress of all 3 case studies will be presented.

October 9th 2024

The Egyptian Demonstration workshop is planned to be held in Cairo at the premises of Heliopolis University of Sustainable Development. The participants will get a unique chance to visit the facilities of Sekem, where a part of Case Study 3 was conducted, as well as the poultry house and the pilot scale of the fermented olive cake. Additionally, all 3 case studies will be presented and discussed.

June 25th 2025

The Spanish Demonstration Workshop will be held in Bilbao at the facilities of Newfeed’s project coordinator, AZTI. The Spanish Demonstration workshop will shed light on the activities undertaken for the integration of Case study 1 through a tour of the site where the validation of grape stem took place. However, the participants will have the opportunity to be informed about all 3 case studies.

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