Innovation is the spark that drives the engine of progress in our societies and economies. In a world where global challenges such as the climate crisis and resource sustainability are increasingly pressing, the ability to generate new solutions and technologies is essential for present and future well-being.

In this context, AZTI aspires to be a critical catalyst for transformation. With a multidisciplinary approach ranging from ecosystem-based fisheries management to personalised nutrition and food chain sustainability, we not only foster knowledge creation but also translate this knowledge into practical applications that benefit society as a whole.

compromiso con la innovación

AZTI’s commitment to innovation is reflected in its outstanding participation in national and international projects, and in its direct impact on the economy and the business fabric. For every euro invested in R&D by AZTI, multiple euros are generated in new economic activity, which shows how investment in innovation can be a powerful multiplier of economic growth and job creation. Furthermore, we are a benchmark in public funding and collaboration in large-scale European programmes, which reinforces our position as a benchmark centre in applied research.

Below are some data that endorse our commitment to innovation:

  • Economic and social impact of AZTI’s investment in R&D: on society is very significant in terms of generating economic activity and new jobs. For every euro invested by AZTI, between €7 and €15 of new economic activity is generated, depending on the type of industry.
    Fostering the creation of new technologybased companies: AZTI supports innovators and start-ups in the food value chain, such as the creation of bio-refineries for the valorization of vegetable by-products of vegetable origin and the wine sector, which will involve an investment of around 32 M€. In addition, we continued to support the consolidation of recently created companies such as Saretu, Itsas Balfego and Datafish, which are expected to invest around €6 M in the medium term.
  • Leadership in public funding: AZTI tops the list of Spanish entities with the highest level of state and European competitive public funding in fisheries and aquaculture projects in the last two decades. It leads both in total budget granted and average funding per project.
    Outstanding recruitment in EU programs: In the first Horizon Europe WP2021-2022 work program, AZTI obtained 12 projects (3 coordinated), exceeding 7.36 million euros. In the 2023 call, 5 new projects were obtained, with a contracting of 1.97 million euros.
  • Outstanding participation in the Transmissions Program: AZTI leads the “Biotegania” project within the new Transmissions program in 2023, with a total funding of 1.43 million euros of a project amounting to 7.67 million euros.
  • Collaboration with the General Secretariat of Fisheries: Through an agreement financed with Next Generation funds (PRTR – National Plan for Recovery, Transformation and Resilience) for 3 million euros, 17 projects related to the sustainable management of fisheries have been developed, highlighting the applicability of the results in the strategy for the implementation of fisheries policies
  • Significant contracts: AZTI has been awarded relevant contracts in public tenders with the Regional Government of Andalusia and the EFSA (European Food Safety Agency). In addition, in 2023, the Port of Bilbao and Pasaia Port Authority has consolidated its commitment to AZTI as a reference center in its technical assistance for all environmental monitoring derived from the actions of the ports as poles of economic activity in the north of Spain through multiannual contracts. Altogether, these contracts have exceeded 3 million euros.
  • Strategic collaborations: AZTI has established 180 collaboration agreements with various business agents.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: AZTI has 8 intellectual property protections, including 3 European patents, 3 European trademarks, 1 microorganism registration and the extension of a patent to the United States, modifying its scope. In addition, the concept and mode of operation of the Envirodigital platform are registered in the intellectual property registry office.
  • AZTInnova: The collaborative and technological innovation community, has added 76 new members in 2023, reaching a total of 206 members (8 foreign). It has promoted the business innovation community with 40 participating companies, held 4 webinars with 255 companies, and was present at F4F2023, showing the innovation showcase of the product launches of partner companies.

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