We work to understand and anticipate the demands of the market and consumers. We innovate in methodologies and technologies that enable us to define the business strategy and the innovation processes of products, services and marketing of food companies. With our services, companies increase the value and differentiation of their products and services, connect with the consumer and, in short, innovate more quickly, effectively and sustainably, addressing current demands and anticipating those of the future.

análisis sensorial

A new approach that connects with the consumers from the beginning and enables R&D and Innovation to be addressed more efficiently and profitably

Focusing on the user-consumer, we are aware of their current and future demands through tendencies. By means of business intelligence, we identify market niches and business opportunities. All of this is passed on to the company, which we accompany with our technical expertise on its path to generating solutions aligned with market requirements.

Competitive Intelligence

We drive the company towards change, differentiating it and identifying new business opportunities

We develop a competitive intelligence activity that enables us to act upon changes in the environment and consumption habits. We compile the relevant external information to anticipate the threats and opportunities in the competitive environment of our customers, providing them with value in market niches and new business opportunities.

Technological Surveillance

We monitor the relevant information so that companies are up to date

We have a permanent and organised monitoring process of technology, standards and regulations, products and market, competitors, etc. which leads to the adaptation of the product to the consumer’s wishes. We turn this information into knowledge for the decision-making of our customers.

Identification of trends and application in innovation

We are up to date on the new needs and expectations of consumers

We are constantly identifying, studying and monitoring the current and future consumption trends with an impact on food. Therefore, we are up to date on the new needs and expectations of consumers.

We train companies to use this knowledge for the generation of innovative solutions aligned with consumer demands.

Collaborative innovation from the user

We integrate companies and consumers in creative joint innovation ecosystems to provide solutions

We involve the user (company and/or consumer) in R&D and Innovation activity from the outset in order to accelerate innovation. Faster, more efficient and sustainable joint innovation that offers solutions to the user.

Neuromarketing: understanding consumer behaviour

From food-related feelings to emotions for the design of new products and communication actions.

At AZTI we have the latest neuromarketing technologies with equipment for facial expression recognition, eye tracking and devices for measuring physiological parameters such as heart rate or skin sweating (GSR). The operation of our equipment has been validated in our laboratory using reference methodologies.

Sensory analysis: consumer studies

Building on consumer and user preferences

Sensory analysis is an essential tool in the design of the food of the future adapted to the specific nutritional, sensory and emotional needs of each person, and in accordance with sustainable development principles. We have a sensory laboratory with the most advanced sensory analysis methods, as well as the statistical tools necessary to conduct research in the consumer field.

We work with expert panelists, restaurateur and consumer panels, to conduct different research aimed at the needs of companies in the fields of quality, innovation, sales or marketing.

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