Research and innovation are essential to advance and cope with society’s current and future challenges. With the purpose of continuing to foster the development of innovative solutions that will revitalise the food and maritime value chains, the technology centre, AZTI, is reinventing itself to cope with the new challenges of this new stage.

We are starting a new era, marked by our entry into the Basque Research and Technology Alliance-BRTA -, a collaboration through which we reach out to the whole Basque technology ecosystem in order to strengthen joint action spaces. We wish to continue to be the ally of agents of the food and marine resources sector, as well as promoters of technology transfer, sustainable development, and the preservation of natural environments.

For this new stage, we are launching a new brand image that relates to our original essence, focused on transforming scientific knowledge into advanced technological solutions. But, in addition, it is a forward-looking brand, which looks further ahead and which will help to anticipate the challenges, and guarantee the protection of ecosystems and environmental sustainability.

AZTI faces this new chapter in its history with the reinforcement of its main attributes: a highly qualified human team at the cutting-edge of scientific knowledge; an innovation vocation that seeks to combine science with imagination, to develop creative solutions; and a determination to transform, equipping companies with the necessary tools to promote sustainable technological development and social well-being.

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