A Japanese proverb says that vision without action is a dream, but action without vision is a nightmare.

AZTI was born more than 40 years ago with a vision that has been transformed throughout these four decades, but always keeping an unchangeable element: science as a means to improve people’s lives.

From the sea to the entire food chain, AZTI has always been committed to guaranteeing our natural resources, promoting environmental, economic and social sustainability that is reflected in people’s quality of life.

Today, more than ever, science and technology are necessary to advance in that direction. The future (whether in the short or long term) must be linked to sustainability, because we will never tire of saying it: the development of the future will be sustainable or there will be no development.

During our 40 years of life, we have generated knowledge that has allowed us to better understand what is happening around us, to understand the positive impact we generate and to seek solutions that help us to grow in the generation of value for society and people.

This report is a summary of some of our results.


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