Search for innovative solutions for transparency in the food supply chain

In order to contribute to creating a rich and vibrant ecosystem in the food supply chain domain, TITAN organises an Open Call for innovative solutions to select and fund eight pilots that will enhance the value of food supply chains through increased transparency. The project will invest 1,25 millions to fund the eight most innovative ideas.

For applicants to be selected for funding via the TITAN Open Call, their solutions must be under the domain of activities of one of three TITAN pilot groups:

  1. Food Safety – The main goal of TITAN Food Safety Pilot group is to showcase the potential of innovative technologies, including rapid detection methods and digital tools, primarily designed for SMEs. These technologies aim to enhance transparency within the food chain, thereby boosting both food safety and authenticity. This initiative benefits producers by identifying market options and buyers by enabling diversified procurement based on quality and ethical considerations.
  2. Sustainability – The main objective of TITAN Sustainability Pilot group is to show the potential of innovative digital technologies developed by and for SMEs to increase transparency in the food chain and stimulate sustainability for the different actors. All pilots within this group must improve access to clear and trustable information and data about the food production conditions and quality control requirements that add value for actors in the food supply chain, and possibly to end users, in terms of sustainability.
  3. Health – The overall aim of the pilots for Health is to show the potential of a set of innovative technologies to increase transparency in the food chain that will enable consumers to make improved food choices with regard to health. Consumers today prioritize health and sustainability in their dietary choices, driving a need for accessible and reliable food information.

Submissions are welcome from 2 October 2023 till 1 December 2023 at 17:00 CET time (Brussels time) and can be submitted via Open Call Hub.

Further information is available at the TITAN official website.


The European Green Deal will create the environment for EU industries to be world leaders in the production and consumption of healthy, sustainable, and affordable food. For such an agri-food system to thrive, consumers must have improved access to healthy sustainable and affordable food with transparent information regarding a foods integrity and true value in order to make the improved food choices that are required to increase demand. Providing increased transparency is an important part in achieving this aim. The overall aim of TITAN is to enhance food transparency in order to transform the food system into a demand-driven economy that provides consumers with healthy and sustainable food.

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