Numerical Modeling

We use numerical modeling to analyze the behavior of the sea and its coasts in certain cases, aimed at improving our ability to manage and predict future states.

To achieve this, we develop and implement modeling tools that lead to the generation of a digital twin of the ocean and its coastline. Digital twins are virtual replicas that simulate the behavior of their real counterparts.

At AZTI, we are working on oceanic models that solve the complexity of coastal systems and obtain past, present, and future information on ocean-based variables (waves, tide levels, currents, temperature, salinity, pollutants, and transported material) on a regional scale.

We specialize in real-time simulations and short-term prediction, incorporating data from our observing system, but also in reconstructing historical series.

At a local scale, we develop coastal models of risk in coastal infrastructures (agitation in ports, flooding, overflow) and to predict the morphological evolution of beaches and estuaries in the short, medium, and long term.

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