• AZTI and UnlocX & Co. signed a strategic collaboration agreement at Food4Future to promote innovation in the food sector.
  • The agreement includes collaboration on major events such as SKS JAPAN2024 and Food 4 Future 2025, as well as co-creation programmes and research projects on food well-being and the interaction of food with artificial intelligence.

Bilbao, 17 April 2024 – As part of the Food4Future event, AZTI, the technology centre expert in marine and food research and co-organiser of this congress, and UnlocX & Co, a renowned Japanese company specialising in business dynamisation, have today signed a strategic collaboration agreement. This agreement, initially for a period of three years, opens a new phase of cooperation between Spain and Japan, focusing on the promotion of innovation in the food sector.

The alliance aims to strengthen business interactions through joint participation in major events such as SKS JAPAN2024, one of Japan’s most important food technology conferences and communities, and Food 4 Future 2025, Europe’s leading food technology event. The aim is to create a dynamic community that facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experience between the two countries.

Co-creation programmes will also be developed to promote entrepreneurship in food innovation. These programmes will promote collaboration between start-ups and large companies from Spain and Japan. In addition, areas of joint research will be explored in areas such as food welfare and the interaction between food and artificial intelligence, with the aim of projecting the future of the food system under the innovative concept of Foodtech 6.0.

This agreement is an important milestone in transnational collaboration for food innovation and is expected to be the start of many joint initiatives to address global challenges in the sector.

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