Economic valuation of food by-products: Biorefinery and New bio-based products

We obtain commercial value compounds from food by-products for use in food, for their use as bioenergy or biomaterial.

We offer developments, strategies and processes to obtain commercial value compounds or increased economic-environmental value of products, compounds, substances or molecules based on underused food fractions (surplus, losses and waste, discards, by-products and co-products) for their use as an ingredient, additive, raw material or intermediate material in food for humans, animal feed, bio-energies or bio-materials.

To do so, we offer:

Preparation of integral operating plans

Design and dimensioning of the storage, collection, transport and logistics systems. Advanced by-product treatment / processing for its economic valuation. Technical and economic study of the most profitable scenarios and circular economy in the short and/or long term.

Feasible extraction of bio-based products

Obtaining of high value-added products for health (high value compounds, functional ingredients, etc.) based on by-products. Design of biorefinery processes. Obtaining high value-added products through bio-conversion. Pre-industrial validation of products and obtaining processes.

Food waste reduction

Development and application of solutions to take advantage of food waste in all of the stages of the food chain.

WASEABISeafood side-streams• Bioactive peptides for nutraceutical, food and feed applications
• Protein-based food ingredients
• Savoury ingredients and mineral supplements for food and feed
ECOFFEEDCoffee by-products• Animal feed ingredient.
SEA2LANDFisheries wastes• Bio-based fertilizers
CLEANFEEDVegetal mix wastes mainly from markets and supermarkets• Safe animal feed meal
• Validated system to separate plastic form organic fraction
VALORLACTWhey generated by the dairy industry• Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC-35)
• Biogas
• A whey drink with orange juice
• A sliceable cheese analogue
• Cheese-flavoured sauce for salads and meat dishes.
• Soluble chocolate flavoured powder to be dissolved in water or milk
PROVALUEFood by-products• Data Base of agrifood waste recovery technologies
• Animal feed
• Isoflavones
DISCARDLESSFish discards• Guide for the selection of valorisation options of by-catches
• Fish meal
• Fish hydrolyzed protein
NAMASTEVegetal by-product• Several snacks from citrus by-products
• A citrus-based monodose beverage
• Two citrus paste-based filled bakery products
• A bakery product based on pre-fermented wheat bran
• Two citrus-based instant desserts
• Citrus fibre
SUMOOlive oil by-products• Poliphenols rich extract
• Biogas
GISWASTEAll food by-products• GIS based decision making tool for best by-products valorisation alternatives
FISH recoveryFish by-products from retail• New retro-logistics system to reduce valorization costs
BREWERYBrewery by-products• Aquaculture feed
HARTIZBIDEExpired juices
Vegetal mix by-product
Brewer spent grain
• Microalgae rich in fatty acids
• Protein-rich fungi
ALGABERRIMicroalgae• New ingredients and active compounds

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