Economic valuation of food by-products: Biorefinery and New bio-based products

We obtain commercial value compounds from food by-products for use in food, for their use as bioenergy or biomaterial.

We offer developments, strategies and processes to obtain commercial value compounds or increased economic-environmental value of products, compounds, substances or molecules based on underused food fractions (surplus, losses and waste, discards, by-products and co-products) for their use as an ingredient, additive, raw material or intermediate material in food for humans, animal feed, bio-energies or bio-materials.

To do so, we offer:

Preparation of integral operating plans

Design and dimensioning of the storage, collection, transport and logistics systems. Advanced by-product treatment / processing for its economic valuation. Technical and economic study of the most profitable scenarios and circular economy in the short and/or long term.

Feasible extraction of bio-based products

Obtaining of high value-added products for health (high value compounds, functional ingredients, etc.) based on by-products. Design of biorefinery processes. Obtaining high value-added products through bio-conversion. Pre-industrial validation of products and obtaining processes.

Food waste reduction

Development and application of solutions to take advantage of food waste in all of the stages of the food chain.