Our innovation, development and technology transfer addresses the need for marine and coastal economy sectors to guarantee efficient use of resources to ensure the environmental, economic and social sustainability of their activity.

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Our activity focuses on three fields of research:

Fisheries Management

At AZTI, we carry out research work in co-operation with the main European and worldwide fishing research centres to establish the scientific basis for the sustainability of marine environments and fishery resources

We contribute efficiently and equitably to the knowledge and integral assessment of the main species exploited by Basque fleets operating in seas and oceans around the world.

Our research work is conducted within the framework of international bodies such as ICCAT, IOTC, ICES/CIEM, NAFO, STEFC, etc., in which AZTI researchers are actively involved.

We participate actively in the drafting of the scientific guidance for management, on which the sustainable exploitation of fishery resources and activity is based, so that the respective administrations can establish management decisions and measures based on scientific knowledge of the state of the resources and the economy of the fleets.

 We focuse on three fields of activity:

  • Observation and data
  • Integrated assessment and management of living resources
  • Ecosystem approach to management

Fisheries Technologies

Efficiency of the fisheries sector in the sustainable exploitation of marine resources

At AZTI, we research technology alternatives to offer solutions that enable us to minimise fishing impact on the marine environment, improve operations on board fishing vessels and, particularly safety and occupational comfort at sea. We do this in close co-operation with the fisheries sector through research projects focused on three fields of activity:

  • Reduction of the environmental impact of extractive fishing
  • Fishing gear and its optimisation
  • Energy efficiency in the maritime-fishery sector


At AZTI, we look for alternatives to meet the growing demand for fish.

We create technological solutions for the sustainable development (economic, social and environmental) of marine aquaculture.

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