Environmental impact and monitoring

We do research into the evolution of environmental quality in coastal areas and develop new environmental indicators

We conduct, in the context of the Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) procedure, Environmental Impact Studies (known as EsIA) and Environmental Surveillance Plans (known as PVA), both for Plans and Programs (Strategic Environmental Assessments, known as EEA), and projects in the marine environment.

To do this, we are working on:

  • Environmental characterization and surveillance of dredged materials and their relocation in waters of the maritime-terrestrial public domain (known as DPMT).
  • Environmental monitoring of the receiving environment in relation to land-sea discharges (wastewater, thermal discharges, etc.).
  • Environmental Impact Studies (known as EsIAs) and Environmental Surveillance Plans (known as PVAs) of various projects: marine energy, aquaculture, port-facility extensions, dredging, dumping, etc.
  • Water Quality Monitoring for the cultivation of bivalve mollusks in the areas declared as fit for production by the Basque Government.
  • Evaluation of the effect of pollutants on marine ecosystems by conducting bioassays with marine organisms at various levels in the food chain to evaluate the toxicity or effect of pollutants on the marine environment (water, sediment, or leachate levels).

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