The high scientific quality combined with the application of the research results is the basis on which our research team is an international reference.

The number of scientific publications remains at around 120 indexed publications per year (2019 data), of which 61% are in the 1 quartile, with a h-index of 80 (at least 80 scientific papers with 80 or more citations). In terms of quality, the number of citations continues to increase steadily, reaching 27.5 citations per publication. Of particular note is publication in high impact journals such as Nature Communications.

These are the scientific articles published by AZTI’s research staff from April to September 2020.

01/04/2020Suitability of two areas of the Basque coast to sustain shellfish aquaculture according to both the presence of potentially toxic phytoplankton and the biotoxins regulated by the European Union
Bilbao J, Muniz O, Revilla M, Rodriguez JG, Laza-Martinez A, Seoane S
Reg Stud Mar Sci 2020, 36.
02/04/2020Study the twilight zone before it is too late
Martin A, Boyd P, Buesseler K, Cetinic I, Claustre H, Giering S, Henson S, Irigoien X, Kriest I, Memery L et al
Nature 2020, 580(7801):26-28.
01/05/2020On the prediction of runup, setup and swash on beaches
da Silva PG, Coco G, Garnier R, Klein AHF
Earth-Sci Rev 2020, 204.
01/05/2020Are shifts in species distribution triggered by climate change? A swordfish case study
Erauskin-Extramiana M, Arrizabalaga H, Cabre A, Coelho R, Rosa D, Ibaibarriaga L, Chust G
Deep-Sea Research Part Ii-Topical Studies in Oceanography 2020, 175.
01/05/2020Comparative research on ocean top predators by CLIOTOP: Understanding shifts in oceanic biodiversity under climate change
Evans K, Arrizabalaga H, Brodie S, Chang C-T, Llopiz J, Phillips JS, Weng K
Deep-Sea Research Part Ii-Topical Studies in Oceanography 2020, 175.
01/05/2020Global patterns and inferences of tuna movements and trophodynamics from stable isotope analysis
Logan JM, Pethybridge H, Lorrain A, Somes CJ, Allain V, Bodin N, Choy CA, Duffy L, Goni N, Graham B et al
Deep-Sea Research Part Ii-Topical Studies in Oceanography 2020, 175.
01/05/2020Comparing the distribution of tropical tuna associated with drifting fish aggregating devices (DFADs) resulting from catch dependent and independent data
Orue B, Lopez J, Grazia Pennino M, Moreno G, Santiago J, Murua H
Deep-Sea Research Part Ii-Topical Studies in Oceanography 2020, 175.
01/06/2020Evaluation of unavoidable unwanted catches valorisation options: The Bay of Biscay case study
Inarra B, Bald C, Cebrian M, Peral I, Llorente R, Zufia J
Mar Policy 2020, 116.
03/06/2020Past and Future Grand Challenges in Marine Ecosystem Ecology
Borja A, Andersen JH, Arvanitidis CD, Basset A, Buhl-Mortensen L, Carvalho S, Dafforn KA, Devlin MJ, Escobar-Briones EG, Grenz C et al
Frontiers in Marine Science 2020, 7.
03/06/2020Picocyanobacteria Community and Cyanophage Infection Responses to Nutrient Enrichment in a Mesocosms Experiment in Oligotrophic Waters
Coello-Camba A, Diaz-Rua R, Duarte CM, Irigoien X, Pearman JK, Alam IS, Agusti S
Frontiers in Microbiology 2020, 11.
17/06/2020Seasonal Distribution of Tuna and Non-tuna Species Associated With Drifting Fish Aggregating Devices (DFADs) in the Western Indian Ocean Using Fishery-Independent Data
Orue B, Grazia Pennino M, Lopez J, Moreno G, Santiago J, Ramos L, Muruat H
Frontiers in Marine Science 2020, 7.
01/07/2020Marine water environmental DNA metabarcoding provides a comprehensive fish diversity assessment and reveals spatial patterns in a large oceanic area
Fraija-Fernandez N, Bouquieaux M-C, Rey A, Mendibil I, Cotano U, Irigoien X, Santos M, Rodriguez-Ezpeleta N
Ecol Evol 2020, 10(14):7560-7584.
01/07/2020Brewers’ Spent Yeast and Grain Protein Hydrolysates as Second-Generation Feedstuff for Aquaculture Feed
San Martin D, Orive M, Inarra B, Castelo J, Estevez A, Nazzaro J, Iloro I, Elortza F, Zufia J
Waste and Biomass Valorization 2020.
08/07/2020Light supports cell-integrity and growth rates of taxonomically diverse coastal photoheterotrophs
Arandia-Gorostidi N, Gonzalez JM, Huete-Stauffer TM, Ansari MI, Moran XAG, Alonso-Saez L
Environ Microbiol 2020.
16/07/2020Trends in tuna carbon isotopes suggest global changes in pelagic phytoplankton communities
Lorrain A, Pethybridge H, Cassar N, Receveur A, Allain V, Bodin N, Bopp L, Choy CA, Duffy L, Fry B, Goñi N et al
Global Change Biol 2020, 26(2):458-470.
23/07/2020Modulation of the Gut Microbiota by Olive Oil Phenolic Compounds: Implications for Lipid Metabolism, Immune System, and Obesity
Farras M, Martinez-Gili L, Portune K, Arranz S, Frost G, Tondo M, Blanco-Vaca F
Nutrients 2020, 12(8).
28/07/2020Technological characterisation of potential malolactic starters from Rioja Alavesa winemaking region
Diez-Ozaeta I, Lavilla M, Amárita F
LWT 2020, 134.
29/07/2020Natural geochemical markers reveal environmental history and population connectivity of common cuttlefish in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea
Rooker JR, Wells RJD, Addis P, Arrizabalaga H, Baptista M, Bearzi G, Dance MA, Fraile I, Lacoue-Labarthe T, Lee JM et al
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 2020, 17(168).
29/07/2020Elasmobranch bycatch distributions and mortality: Insights from the European tropical tuna purse-seine fishery
Clavareau L, Sabarros PS, Escalle L, Bach P, Abascal FJ, Lopez J, Murua H, Pascual Alayon PJ, Ramos ML, Ruiz J et al
Global Ecology and Conservation 2020, 24.
01/08/2020DNA barcoding revealing seafood mislabeling in food services from Spain
Angel Pardo M, Jimenez E
Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 2020, 91.
01/08/2020Enzymatic assays for the assessment of toxic effects of halogenated organic contaminants in water and food. A review
Artabe AE, Cunha-Silva H, Barranco A
Food and chemical toxicology : an international journal published for the British Industrial Biological Research Association 2020, 145:111677-111677.
01/08/2020Impacts of multiple stressors on freshwater biota across spatial scales and ecosystems
Birk S, Chapman D, Carvalho L, Spears BM, Andersen HE, Argillier C, Auer S, Baattrup-Pedersen A, Banin L, Beklioglu M, Kunze E., Borja A, Pouso S, Calvo Uyarra M et al
Nature Ecology & Evolution 2020, 4(8):1060-1068.
01/08/2020Application of High Pressure Processing After Freezing (Before Frozen Storage) or Before Thawing in Frozen Albacore Tuna (Thunnus alalunga)
Cartagena L, Puertolas E, Martinez de Maranon I
Food Bioprocess Technol 2020, 13(10):1791-1800.
01/08/2020Planctomycetesas a Vital Constituent of the Microbial Communities Inhabiting Different Layers of the Meromictic Lake S AE lenvannet (Norway)
Storesund JE, Lanzen A, Nordmann E-L, Armo HR, Lage OM, Ovreas L
Microorganisms 2020, 8(8).
01/08/2020The effects of marine protected areas on ecosystem recovery and fisheries using a comparative modelling approach
Vilas D, Coll M, Corrales X, Steenbeek J, Piroddi C, Calo A, Di Franco A, Font T, Guidetti P, Ligas A et al
Aquatic Conservation-Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 2020.
02/08/2020Sequencing effort dictates gene discovery in marine microbial metagenomes
Duarte CM, Ngugi DK, Alam I, Pearman J, Kamau A, Eguiluz VM, Gojobori T, Acinas SG, Gasol JM, Bajic V, Irigoien X et al
Environ Microbiol 2020.
05/08/2020Contrasting post-ovulatory follicle production in fishes with different spawning dynamics
Charitonidou K, Kjesbu OS, Dominguez-Petit R, Garabana D, Korta MA, Santos M, van Damme CJG, Thorsen A, Ganias K
Fish Res 2020, 231.
06/08/2020Apparent digestibility coefficients of brewer’s by-products used in feeds for rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata)
Nazzaro J, Martin DS, Perez-Vendrell AM, Padrell L, Iñarra B, Orive M, Estévez A
Aquaculture 2021, 530.
15/08/2020Bacteriophage biocontrol to fight Listeria outbreaks in seafood
Lasagabaster A, Jimenez E, Lehnherr T, Miranda-Cadena K, Lehnherr H
Food and chemical toxicology : an international journal published for the British Industrial Biological Research Association 2020, 145:111682-111682.
18/08/2020Managing marine resources sustainably: A proposed integrated systems analysis approach
Elliott M, Borja Á, Cormier R
Ocean and Coastal Management 2020, 197.
21/08/2020An Interdisciplinary Approach for Valuing Changes After Ecological Restoration in Marine Cultural Ecosystem Services
Pouso S, Borja A, Uyarra MC
Frontiers in Marine Science 2020, 7.
25/08/2020Fatty Acids and Membrane Lipidomics in Oncology: A Cross-Road of Nutritional, Signaling and Metabolic Pathways
Ferreri C, Sansone A, Ferreri R, Amezaga J, Tueros I
Metabolites 2020, 10(9).
25/08/2020When size matters: The gonads of larger female yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) have different fatty acid profiles compared to smaller individuals
Pecoraro C, Zudaire I, Galimberti G, Romeo M, Murua H, Fruciano C, Scherer C, Tinti F, Diaha NC, Bodin N et al
Fish Res 2020, 232.
27/08/2020Chitosan Films Incorporated with Exopolysaccharides from Deep Seawater Alteromonas SpZarandona I, Estupinan M, Perez C, Alonso-Saez L, Guerrero P, de la Caba K
Mar Drugs 2020, 18(9).
28/08/2020Changes in Population Age-Structure Obscure the Temperature-Size Rule in Marine Cyanobacteria
Palacio AS, Cabello AM, Garcia FC, Labban A, Moran XAG, Garczarek L, Alonso-Saez L, Lopez-Urrutia A
Frontiers in Microbiology 2020, 11.
30/08/2020Operationalizing ecosystem services in support of ecosystem-based marine spatial planning
Depellegrin D, Galparsoro I, Pınarbaşı K
Ocean and Coastal Management 2020, 198.
01/09/2020Monitoring of Spanish flagged purse seine fishery targeting tropical tuna in the Indian ocean: Timeline and history
Carlos Baez J, Lourdes Ramos M, Herrera M, Murua H, Luis Cort J, Deniz S, Rojo V, Ruiz J, Pascual-Alayon PJ, Muniategi A et al
Mar Policy 2020, 119.
01/09/2020Including ecosystem descriptors in current fishery data collection programmes to advance towards a holistic monitoring: Seabird abundance attending demersal trawlers
Louzao M, Ruiz J, Oyarzabal I, Basterretxea M, Pedrajas A, Mugerza A, Krug I, Cotano U, Mugerza E, Zarauz L, Santurtun M.
Mar Environ Res 2020, 160:105043-105043.
01/09/2020Prevalence, molecular typing and antimicrobial susceptibility of Campylobacter spp. isolates in northern Spain
Nafarrate I, Lasagabaster A, Sevillano E, Mateo E
J Appl Microbiol 2020.
01/09/2020Ingestion of microplastics and occurrence of parasite association in Mediterranean anchovy and sardine
Pennino MG, Bachiller E, Lloret-Lloret E, Albo-Puigserver M, Esteban A, Jadaud A, Maria Bellido J,
Mar Pollut Bull 2020, 158.
06/09/2020OBINTER: A Holistic Approach to Catalyse the Self-Management of Chronic Obesity
Alvarez R, Torres J, Artola G, Epelde G, Arranz S, Marrugat G
Sensors (Basel, Switzerland) 2020, 20(18).
07/09/2020Combining genetic markers with stable isotopes in otoliths reveals complexity in the stock structure of Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus)
Brophy D, Rodriguez-Ezpeleta N, Fraile I, Arrizabalaga H
Sci Rep 2020, 10(1):14675-14675.
17/09/2020Assessing the environmental status of selected North Atlantic deep-sea ecosystems
Kazanidis G, Orejas C, Borja A, Kenchington E, Henry LA, Callery O, Carreiro-Silva M, Egilsdottir H, Giacomello E, Grehan A et al
Ecol Indicators 2020, 119.
25/09/2020Changes of potential catches for North-East Atlantic small pelagic fisheries under climate change scenarios
Fernandes JA, Frölicher TL, Rutterford LA, Erauskin-Extramiana M, Cheung WWL
Regional Environmental Change 2020, 20(4):116.
01/10/2020Essential ocean variables and high value biodiversity areas: Targets for the conservation of marine megafauna
Garcia-Baron I, Begona Santos M, Saavedra C, Astarloa A, Valeiras J, Garcia Barcelona S, Louzao M
Ecol Indicators 2020, 117.
01/10/2020Coordination of pollution-related MSFD measures in the Mediterranean – Where we stand now and insights for the future
Gorjanc S, Klancnik K, Murillas-Maza A, Uyarra MC, Papadopoulou NK, Paramana T, Smith C, Chalkiadaki O, Dassenakis M, Peterlin M
Mar Pollut Bull 2020, 159.
01/10/2020Key issues for a transboundary and ecosystem-based maritime spatial planning in the Bay of Biscay
Pinarbasi K, Galparsoro I, Alloncle N, Quemmerais F, Borja A
Mar Policy 2020, 120.
10/10/2020Searching for the sound of premium beer
Almiron P, Barbosa Escobar F, Pathak A, Spence C, Velasco C
Food Qual Prefer 2020:104088.
20/10/2020European aquatic ecological assessment methods: A critical review of their sensitivity to key pressures
Poikane S, Herrero FS, Kelly MG, Borja A, Birk S, van de Bund W
Sci Total Environ 2020, 740.
20/11/2020Translational Molecular Ecology in practice: Linking DNA-based methods to actionable marine environmental management
Aylagas E, Borja A, Pochon X, Zaiko A, Keeley N, Bruce K, Hong P, Ruiz GM, Stein ED, Theroux S et al
The Science of the total environment 2020, 744:140780-140780.

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