• 3 pre-doctoral research positions and 3 positions for technologists.
  • The initiative is focused on boosting and promoting training through participation in R&D&I initiatives in scientific-technological areas related to marine and food research.

The Basque Government’s Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment has launched a new call for applications for the Ikertalent aid programme. This initiative is aimed at encouraging and promoting the training of research personnel and technologists by means of their incorporation into technology centres in the Basque Country, where they can participate in the development of R&D&I projects in scientific-technological areas which, in the case of AZTI, apply to marine and food research.

In this line, AZTI offers 3 places for pre-doctoral research personnel, who will be able to participate in a 4-year project, as well as 3 places for technologist personnel, whose training will last for 2 years.

As for the financial endowment, those who participate in the pre-doctoral research projects will have 22,000 euros during the first year, 23,000 euros in the second year, 25,000 euros in the third year, and 31,500 euros in the fourth year. This amount will be complemented by 8,000 euros, available at a rate of 2,000 euros per training year, to cover the expenses derived from the training process, such as enrolment in university courses related to the grant or attendance at scientific congresses, seminars, courses and workshops.

Technologists will receive a grant of 17,000 euros for the first and second year, supplemented by 2,000 euros, available at a rate of 1,000 euros per year.

Pre-doctoral positions:

  • New biotechnological tools based on the use of bacteriophages as a food safety strategy against zoonotic pathogens
  • The effect of oceanographic conditions on the distribution of pelagic species
  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence applied to Autonomous Surface Vehicle (USV) environments

Technologist positions:

  • Stable isotope analysis of carbon and oxygen in otoliths and spines of Atlantic bluefin tuna
  • Artificial Intelligence applied to food development
  • Assessment of marine litter and microplastics in estuaries and the Basque coastline

The application period is now open and applications can be submitted via the following link.

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