AZTI’s online platforms for interaction with consumers are a powerful tool that allows us to get first-hand knowledge of the opinion of end users of any type of product, as well as detecting preferences, guiding and testing possible new actions or products.

These platforms are co-created to adapt to the specific needs of each situation, incorporating personalised functionalities and responding to the specific objectives of the client. They contain sections such as questionnaires or forums, spaces for interaction and information gathering and others based on artificial intelligence (chatbot, recommenders based on purchase receipt recognition systems…).

The benefits of having an online platform to know and understand who consumes and uses a product are many:

  • Maintain direct contact with consumers without intermediaries, accessing them in their usual environment.
  • Unify spaces for research, thanks to the possibility of collecting quantitative and qualitative information.
  • Explore new horizons, either by including consumers from other markets or by seeking the opinion of different profiles.
  • Personalise interaction by having your own tailor-made space.
  • Favour transparency and increase trust in the brand.

The applications of online consumer platforms depend on the objectives of each client. They can identify trends, learn about consumer habits, gain insights from existing products, guide the development of prototypes prior to market launch or explore how to meet the needs of consumers.

To put the consumer at the centre you need to know, understand and listen to them, and this is the ideal tool to do so.

plataformas de interaccion con el consumidor

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