To innovate is to improve what already exists, providing new options that respond to the needs of people and companies. This is the focus of the innovation we carry out at AZTI, what drives us and what a great team of professionals work on.

There are occasions when this work is recognised, motivating us even more, if possible. Last year, our contribution from science to society was recognised in different forums. We would like to thank them (again) and reiterate our commitment to work for a healthier and more sustainable society.

Below are the awards received:

  • The ENVIROSCORE environmental labelling system created by AZTI and KU Leuven has received the Esker ON award from the Provincial Council of Bizkaia. This award recognises initiatives that promote circular economy and demonstrate how Bizkaia is making progress in the green transition.
  • In the first edition of the Lurra Bizkaia awards, in the Ura – Water category, the Bilbao Bizkaia Water Consortium wished to recognise the projects carried out by AZTI to improve water efficiency in companies, and the actions promoted to achieve eco-efficient savings and production.
  • AZTI received the Kofradia-Itsas Etxea award for innovation in 2022. These awards are a recognition from the inshore fishing sector to those entities and people who have supported, disseminated or promoted inshore fishing in the Basque Country.
  • The MARLIT project (POCTEFA) led by AZTI got the Atlantic Project Award in the Healthy Oceans and Resilient Coasts category, for its relevance to the pillars of the Atlantic Action Plan; for its innovation in terms of results and working methods planned or achieved; and for the sustainability of the project results and possible scalability in other Member States.
  • One of the innovations developed in the LIFE ECOFFEED project “Technological solution for adequating coffee by-products as animal feed” has been defined as a ‘key innovator’ by the European Commission’s Innovation Radar.
  • Food products developed by AZTI have received several awards in 2022. Among others, the Air Nuts hot chilli snacks from the Ecolumber Group have won the British Great Taste 2022 and the Grocer’s New Product Awards 2022 (Savoury Snacks). Likewise, the nutritionally balanced powdered product of the company Yuït has received the first startup up award (Food and Agrotech category) from the newspaper Expansión.

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