Evaluation of the quality of health of the marine environment

Our efforts are geared towards establishing the ecological and environmental status conditions of estuaries and coastal areas.

Such assessments constitute requirements of the main European directives on the protection and management of the marine environment, such as the Water Framework Directive (known as DMA) and the European Marine Strategy Directive (known as DEME).

We investigate the evolution of the environmental quality of estuaries, coastal areas and the open sea and apply and develop indicators that respond to the DMA, DEME, international conventions (e.g. OSPAR), and other directives (e.g. Habitats,  Bathroom Discharge Rules, Seafood and Shellfish Cultivation Areas, etc.).

Our experience of more than 30 years in monitoring the marine environment (monitoring and control of environmental quality) allows us to provide extensive knowledge that facilitates decision-making for management and sustainability in the use of resources.

Our work is concerned with:

  • Monitoring programs for the evaluation of the ecological status of transitional and coastal waters in accordance with the requirements of European Directives.
  • Development of indicators and tools for assessing the state of the marine environment (e.g. AMBI, M-AMBI, NEAT).
  • Comprehensive assessment of the state of the marine environment in different marine regions of the world.
  • Studies for the evaluation and evolution of indicators of the state of the marine environment in European seas.

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