Through the implementation of real-time monitoring systems of the marine processes, complemented by numerical applications providing predictions on the future behaviour of the sea, we are helping to improve safety and efficiency in all sectors of the maritime and coastal economy.

satélite servicios oceanográficos

Observe and predict sea and coastline behaviour

In addition, we contribute towards more adequate management and evaluation of the impact of human action on the environment and help ease the effects of accidental events.

We work in three lines:

Operational Observation

Through Operational Observation we seek to develop a cutting-edge, multiplatform, and multidisciplinary coastal observation network, consolidating a marine research infrastructure, which allows the generation of all necessary information pertinent to  the sustainable management of coastal areas, their resources, and human activities.

At AZTI, we are working on the development and implementation of innovative observation systems, with in situ, remote and autonomous solutions, expanding the multidisciplinary capacity of the observatory. Considered also are chemical parameters (temperature, salinity, currents, waves, etc.) as well as the physical or biological parameters (e.g. :pH, fluorometry, etc.).

Numerical Modeling

We use numerical modeling to analyze the behavior of the sea and its coasts in certain cases, aimed at improving our ability to manage and predict future states.

We specialize in real-time simulations and short-term prediction, incorporating data from our observing system, but also in reconstructing historical series.

Operational oceanography applications

We work on operational applications that allow us to increase the value of the information and services produced based on observations and numerical simulations; these findings are applied to cover the needs of society in coastal areas.

In this sense, we highlight the management of risks associated with processes of change or extreme events, the environmental management of the coastal zone and the sustainable exploitation of marine resources.

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