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Sustainability has become a global concern and companies are increasingly looking for innovative solutions to reduce their environmental impact. In this context, AZTI has launched its revolutionary ENVIRODIGITAL software, specifically designed to promote sustainability in the food industry.

What is ENVIRODIGITAL? It is a software based on the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) that provides food companies with the necessary tools to measure, manage and reduce their environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle of their products.

One of the key features of ENVIRODIGITAL is its ability to identify the points of greatest environmental impact in the production process. This allows companies to understand where in their value chain the greatest impacts are occurring and make informed decisions to reduce them.

In addition, the software allows impact reduction scenarios to be simulated before changes to production are implemented. This is particularly valuable as it allows companies to evaluate different strategies and make evidence-based decisions.

ENVIRODIGITAL is presented as a tool that takes a holistic approach to turning information into action.  The software covers all stages of the product lifecycle, enabling companies to take control of their environmental impact from the packaging itself. This includes the ability to receive design and material recommendations that can significantly improve the overall impact.

The tool has a simple and intuitive interface designed to make the software easy to use, even for non-technical profiles. This allows multidisciplinary teams, from the strategy team to the monitoring team, to take full advantage of the software’s functionalities.

Through a step-by-step process, companies can measure, interpret and reduce their environmental impact. The software provides concrete data and specific recommendations, enabling companies to make informed decisions and start reducing their impact from the very first analysis.

ENVIRODIGITAL also provides access to the value chain, allowing users and suppliers involved in the production process to collect data together. This ensures that all relevant information is available and up to date, facilitating analysis and informed decision making.


Ability to provide an environmental label

One of ENVIRODIGITAL’s competitive advantages is its ability to provide an environmental label for products. This label certifies the company’s commitment to sustainability and increases the differentiation of products in the marketplace, attracting the attention of consumers looking for more sustainable options.

ENVIRODIGITAL is based on the European Union’s recommended Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) methodology and complies with established environmental guidelines and recommendations.  This ensures that companies using the software are following the latest sustainability standards and criteria.

The software measures 16 environmental impact categories across the product lifecycle, providing companies with a complete and detailed view of their environmental impact, enabling them to identify areas for improvement and take effective action to reduce it.

One of the unique features of ENVIRODIGITAL is the calculation of the ENVIROSCORE, an environmental communication label developed by AZTI and KU Leuven. A unique algorithm classifies the level of sustainability of food and beverages on an ABCDE scale, making it easier to communicate the positioning of each product to the consumer.

In summary, ENVIRODIGITAL is the only environmental management software specialised in the food industry based on the Environmental Product Footprint. With its comprehensive approach, its ability to simulate impact reduction scenarios and its environmental communication labelling, the software provides food companies with the necessary tools to drive sustainability and respond to the demands of environmentally conscious consumers. With ENVIRODIGITAL, companies can take control of their environmental impact and work towards a more sustainable future.

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