Our dream is to contribute to a healthy, sustainable and fair society. A society that enjoys, in balance with Nature. A society where high impact science and technology drive positive change for people’s future. Our challenges for the forthcoming years are:

  • Constant value generation. Research translation into the Real Economy. Maximum integration into market and society reality.
  • Radical differentiated innovations. Leadership of projects generating monetary return and international and global recognition.
  • To become a benchmark. Returning Innovation to Society, with Partners and Collaborators sharing a way of doing and a way of being.
  • To overcome unattainable challenges. Committed individuals who can do exceptional things together.
  • Ongoing proactive change. A Sustainable and Transforming organisation Model.

What are our values?

Our culture is driven by collaborative and transformative innovation, value generation, respect, transparency, commitment, efficiency and curiosity.

  • Networked innovation across teams and with customers and the environment to connect ideas and generate value.
  • Empathy for all points of view to broaden our capacity to understand and transform.
  • Diversity, driving positive change for the future of people. OUR EQUALITY PLAN
  • Transparency when communicating to build trust and credibility.
  • Commitment to science to find innovative solutions to society’s challenges.
  • Efficiency at work to create a competitive, motivating and agile environment.
  • Curiosity to learn what we do not know and grow as professionals and as people.

We seek professionals in search of new challenges, capable of connecting with clients and forming multidisciplinary work teams. If you identify with our challenges, then AZTI is your future


Social and employment benefits

People are essential in a knowledge organisation such as AZTI. We foster reconciliation policies that significantly improve the conditions offered by other organisations in our sector. The following measures can be highlighted:

  • We have 1,670 hours a year distributed into a flexible working day.
  • In summer, we have shorter working days and every Friday we have a non-stop working day of 7 hours.
  • We have extended permits, such as in the case of temporary disability due to illness or accident (100% salary up to 18 months); transfer or moving house (2 calendar days), etc. We have two days off each year to be taken at the employee’s discretion.
  • Childbirth and child care leave: 21 weeks for biological mother and other parent. Breastfeeding leave: 1h, for 12 months, for both parents.
  • We are entitled to reduced working days to take care of minors or the disabled until the age of 14.
  • For every 3 years of contract, we receive a seniority bonus.
  • We can ask for advances and enjoy group discounts for travel, telephony, banks, private healthcare, etc.

And many more advantages that you will be able to enjoy if you decide to join AZTI