Ciencia y tecnología marina y alimentaria

High impact science and technology for a healthy and sustainable society

Specialising in marine environments and food, AZTI provides cutting-edge and value-added products and technologies grounded in sound science and research.

AZTInnova es una comunidad exclusiva para la innovación colaborativa y tecnológica

AZTInnova: exclusive community for innovation and networking

AZTInnova is an exclusive community for innovation and the development of value from and for the food value chain. Our objective: to design, plan and develop innovation projects in a COLLABORATIVE way to find, from science, solutions to the CHALLENGES of the sector.

Somos especialista es la investigación marina y alimentaria
Nuestro equipo investigador es referente internacional

Scientific excellence

The high scientific quality combined with the application of research results is the reason why our research team has become an international benchmark.