Sustainability assessment and communication

We develop solutions and strategies for the integral socio-economic and environmental improvement of food products throughout their life cycle.

We are working to add value to food through sustainability, developing solutions, strategies and IT tools for the comprehensive economic and socio-environmental improvement of food products throughout their life cycle:

Improvement of the environmental performance of the food activity

We are specialists in the evaluation of the environmental impact of the food by means of the Analysis of Life Cycle of products, processes and food organizations. We have specialized in making a harmonized and certifiable calculation of the environmental impact of the food or company, aligning ourselves with the latest international policies and the needs of the sector. Seeking at all times to improve the food sector, this methodology allows us to identify the causes and origins of environmental impact by promoting the implementation of new technologies, strategies and / or plans to reduce the environmental impact of food and facilities (Ecodesign of food and food facilities).

Improvement of the socioeconomic behaviour of the food activity

Based on the needs of the sector or food activity, we evaluate the social behaviour of the companies or food chains through the internationally accepted methodologies (SLCA, PSILCA, RSC, etc.).

Effective environmental communication

We develop sustainability communication plans aimed at informing and sensitizing both suppliers and final consumers. All of this allows us to drive society towards the purchase of sustainable food.

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