Fisheries Technologies

Efficiency of the fisheries sector in the sustainable exploitation of marine resources

At AZTI, we research technology alternatives to offer solutions that enable us to minimise fishing impact on the marine environment, improve operations on board fishing vessels and, particularly safety and occupational comfort at sea. We do this in close co-operation with the fisheries sector through research projects focused on three fields of activity:

Reduction of the environmental impact of extractive fishing

Improve selectivity and fishing survival and minimise discards

We look for alternatives that improve exploitation patterns of fishing gear (selectivity), minimising the associated undesired catch levels (discards) and fish survival. By doing so, we seek to optimise the fishing activity and adapt it to the regulatory requirements for the sustainable use of marine resources.

Fishing gear and its optimisation

We support the sector in improving fishing efficiency and optimising catch probability

We are working on increasing knowledge of the relationship between oceanographic parameters and fish distribution, as well as remote sensing technologies and our own IT software for the management of catches, complemented with the transmission of the vessel-land information.

We develop and evaluate innovations in fishing technology to improve extractive fishing activity in close collaboration with the fishing sector.

We increase the safety of workers on-board through occupational risk prevention systems by models, as well as through the assessment and improvement of ergonomics of the different activities of the fishermen depending on the type of fishing.

Energy efficiency in the maritime-fishery sector

We analyse the vessel’s operational pattern in accordance with the particularities of each sector to understand the fuel consumption model and we consider technological or operational alternatives for its reduction, along with gas emission (analysis of the carbon footprint of sectoral fleets).

We develop innovative technology to optimise energy use: consumption monitoring and management systems as well as the use residual heat (ORC).

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