Marine literacy

We try to bring our own research closer to society through marine literacy

We work to try to make society aware of the main aspects of the functioning of marine ecosystems, the pressures they are subjected to through human activity; emphasis is placed on the benefits that are derived from the marine environment, in such a way as to raise awareness about its conservation and promote behavioral changes geared at respecting it through sustainable and responsible use.

Our work focuses on:

  • Collaboration between science and citizens: initiatives are promoted that encourage citizens to collaborate in the collection and recording of data of scientific interest (for example, registration of species of interest, sending data from devices to build up knowledge of marine circulation, etc. .).
  • Marine Literacy and Awareness: activities aimed at the dissemination of science in a wide range of forums.
  • Training and skill-building through qualifications: collaboration in teaching activities in postgraduate degrees (Masters, Final Master’s Projects, etc.).

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