The high scientific quality combined with the application of the research results is the basis on which our research team is an international reference.

The number of scientific publications remains at around 127 indexed publications per year (2021 data), of which 71% are in the 1 quartile, with a h-index of 90. In terms of quality, the number of citations continues to increase steadily, reaching 29.5 citations per publication and 49.6% of them with an AZTI researcher as first author. It is worth highlighting the publication in 2021 in high impact journals such as Nature, Nature Climate Change, Nature Sustainability, Global Change Biology, Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, Limnology and Oceanography letters, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Fish and Fisheries etc.

These are the scientific articles published by AZTI’s research staff from August 2021 to March 2022.

09/06/2021The impact of DNA extract homogenization and replication on marine sediment metabarcoding diversity and heterogeneity
Hestetun JT, Lanzén A, Skaar KS, Dahlgren TG
Environmental DNA 2021, 3(5):997-1006.
23/07/2021To be or not to be a target: that is the question to manage mixed fisheries
Garcia D, Arostegui I, Prellezo R
ICES J Mar Sci 2021, 78(7):2562-2578.  
01/08/2021Enhancing the participation of small-scale fishing sector in decision-making: Good practices from Atlantic in EU
Murillas-Maza A, Garcia-Allut A, Aranda M, Pazos C, Iriondo A, Montero M
Mar Policy 2021, 129.  
01/08/2021Ex situ and in situ target strength measurements of European anchovy in the Bay of Biscay
Sobradillo B, Boyra G, Perez-Arjona I, Martinez U, Espinosa V
ICES J Mar Sci 2021, 78(3):782-796.  
01/08/2021Expert opinion on using angler Smartphone apps to inform marine fisheries management: status, prospects, and needs
Skov C, Hyder K, Gundelund C, Ahvonen A, Baudrier J, Borch T, DeCarvalho S, Erzini K, Ferter K, Grati F, Mugerza E et al
ICES J Mar Sci 2021, 78(3):967-978.  
05/08/2021Microbial diversity alteration reveals biomarkers of contamination in soil-river-lake continuum
Bourhane Z, Lanzen A, Cagnon C, Ben Said O, Mahmoudi E, Coulon F, Atai E, Borja A, Cravo-Laureau C, Duran R
J Hazard Mater 2022, 421.  
11/08/2021    A new framework and tool for ecological risk assessment of wave energy converters projects
Galparsoro I, Korta M, Subirana I, Borja A, Menchaca I, Solaun O, Muxika I, Iglesias G, Bald J
Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews 2021, 151.      
28/08/2021The effects of bottom temperature and fishing on the structure and composition of an exploited demersal fish assemblage in West Greenland
Lekanda A, Tolimieri N, Nogueira A
ICES J Mar Sci 2021, 78(8):2895-2906.  
01/09/2021Towards a framework for fishing route optimization decision support systems: Review of the state-of-the-art and challenges
Granado I, Hernando L, Galparsoro I, Gabina G, Groba C, Prellezo R, Fernandes JA
Journal of Cleaner Production 2021, 320.  
02/09/2021Discrimination of yellowfin tuna Thunnus albacares between nursery areas in the Indian Ocean using otolith chemistry
Artetxe-Arrate I, Fraile I, Clear N, Darnaude AM, Denman DL, Pecheyran C, Farley J, Murua H
Mar Ecol Prog Ser 2021, 673:165-181.  
05/09/2021Climate regime shifts and biodiversity redistribution in the Bay of Biscay
Chust G, Gonzalez M, Fontan A, Revilla M, Alvarez P, Santos M, Cotano U, Chifflet M, Borja A, Muxika I, Sagarminaga Y, Caballero A, de Santiago I, Epelde I, Liria P, Ibaibarriaga L, Garnier R., Franco J, Villarino E, Irigoien X, Fernandes-Salvador J. A, Uriarte Andrés, Esteban X, Orue D, Figueira T, Uriarte Adolfo
Sci Total Environ 2022, 803.  
08/09/2021Diel dynamics of dissolved organic matter and heterotrophic prokaryotes reveal enhanced growth at the ocean’s mesopelagic fish layer during daytime
Moran XAG, Garcia FC, Rostad A, Silva L, Al-Otaibi N, Irigoien X, Calleja ML
Sci Total Environ 2022, 804.  
01/10/2021Ramos S, Etxebarria S, Cidad M, Gutierrez M, San Martin D, Inarra B, Olabarrieta I, Melado-Herreros A, Zufia J: Cleaner production strategies for the food industry; 2021.  
04/10/2021Labels on seafood products in different European countries and their compliance to EU legislation
Paolacci S, Mendes R, Klapper R, Velasco A, Ramilo-Fernandez G, Munoz-Colmenero M, Potts T, Martins S, Avignon S, Maguire J, Pardo M A et al
Mar Policy 2021, 134.  
05/10/2021Fuel consumption of free-swimming school versus FAD strategies in tropical tuna purse seine fishing
Basurko OC, Gabina G, Lopez J, Granado I, Murua H, Fernandes JA, Krug I, Ruiz J, Uriondo Z
Fish Res 2022, 245.  
11/10/2021Knowledge architecture for the wise governance of sustainability transitions
Oliver TH, Benini L, Borja A, Dupont C, Doherty B, Grodzinska-Jurczak M, Iglesias A, Jordan A, Kass G, Lung T et al
Environmental Science & Policy 2021, 126:152-163.  
25/10/2021  First Assessment of the Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Global Marine Recreational Fisheries
Pita P, Ainsworth GB, Alba B, Anderson AB, Antelo M, Alos J, Artetxe Iñaki, Baudrier J, Castro JJ, Chicharro B, Mugerza E, Zarauz L et al
Frontiers in Marine Science 2021, 8.  
30/10/2021Children’s acceptability profiles for biscuits with different fiber content
da Quinta N, Alvarez-Sabatel S, Martinez de Maranon I, Alfaro B
Journal of texture studies 2022, 53(1):41-51.  
      01/11/2021Benthic eDNA metabarcoding provides accurate assessments of impact from oil extraction, and ecological insights
Lanzen A, Dahlgren TG, Bagi A, Hestetun JT
Ecol Indicators 2021, 130.  
06/11/2021Responses of the benthic environment to reduction in anthropogenic nutrient loading in the Seto Inland Sea (Japan), based on M-AMBI assessment
Umehara A, Borja A, Ishida A, Nakai S, Nishijima W
Mar Environ Res 2022, 173.  
10/11/2021Trophic niche overlap between round sardinella (Sardinella aurita) and sympatric pelagic fish species in the Western Mediterranean
Bachiller E, Gimenez J, Albo-Puigserver M, Grazia Pennino M, Mari-Mena N, Esteban A, Lloret-Lloret E, Maria Bellido J, Coll M
Ecol Evol 2021, 11(22):16126-16142.  
14/11/2021Comparing sediment preservation methods for genomic biomonitoring of coastal marine ecosystems
Dully V, Rech G, Wilding TA, Lanzen A, MacKichan K, Berrill I, Stoeck T
Mar Pollut Bull 2021, 173.  
19/11/2021Environmental DNA metabarcoding for benthic monitoring: A review of sediment sampling and DNA extraction methods
Pawlowski J, Bruce K, Panksep K, Aguirre FI, Amalfitano S, Apothéloz-Perret-Gentil L, Baussant T, Bouchez A, Carugati L, Cermakova K, Lanzen A.  et al
Sci Total Environ 2022, 818:151783.
27/11/2021Strengthening European Union fisheries by removing harmful subsidies
Villasante S, Sumaila UR, Maria Da-Rocha J, Carvalho N, Skerritt DJ, Schuhbauer A, Cisneros-Montemayor AM, Bennett NJ, Hanich Q, Prellezo R
Mar Policy 2022, 136.  
28/11/2021Whey-Derived Peptides at the Heart of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Chamata Y, Jackson KG, Watson KA, Jauregi P
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2021, 22(21).  
01/12/2021Evaluating the progress in achieving Good Environmental Status in the Mediterranean: A methodology to assess the effectiveness of Marine Strategy Framework Directive’s Programmes of Measures
Gorjanc S, Klancnik K, Papadopoulou NK, Murillas-Maza A, Jarni K, Paramana T, Pavicic M, Ronchi F, Uyarra MC, Koren S et al
Mar Policy 2022, 136.  
01/12/2021A global agenda for advancing freshwater biodiversity research
Maasri A, Jaehnig SC, Adamescu MC, Adrian R, Baigun C, Baird DJ, Batista-Morales A, Bonada N, Brown LE, Cai Q, Valle M et al
Ecol Lett 2022, 25(2):255-263.  
03/12/2021Attributes of climate resilience in fisheries: From theory to practice
Mason JG, Eurich JG, Lau JD, Battista W, Free CM, Mills KE, Tokunaga K, Zhao LZ, Dickey-Collas M, Valle M et al
Fish Fish 2021.  
03/12/2021Structure and functioning of the Bay of Biscay ecosystem: A trophic modelling approach
Corrales X, Preciado I, Gascuel D, Lopez de Gamiz-Zearra A, Hernvann PY, Mugerza E, Louzao M, Velasco F, Doray M, López-López L, Cotano U, Andonegi E et al
Estuar Coast Shelf Sci 2022, 264:107658.
07/12/2021Identification and measurement of tropical tuna species in purse seiner catches using computer vision and deep learning
Lekunberri X, Ruiz J, Quincoces I, Dornaika F, Arganda-Carreras I, Fernandes JA
Ecological Informatics 2022, 67:101495.
18/12/2021Population structure and geographic origin assignment of Mytilus galloprovincialis mussels using SNPs del Rio-Lavín A, Díaz-Arce N, Larraín MA, Araneda C, Rodríguez-Ezpeleta N, Jiménez E, Pardo MÁ Aquaculture 2022, 550:737836.  
27/12/2021An integrated assessment of the Good Environmental Status of Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas
Fraschetti S, Fabbrizzi E, Tamburello L, Uyarra MC, Micheli F, Sala E, Pipitone C, Badalamenti F, Bevilacqua S, Boada J, Borja A et al
J Environ Manage 2022, 305.  
27/12/2021 Rapid Differentiation of Unfrozen and Frozen-Thawed Tuna with Non-Destructive Methods and Classification Models: Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) and Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)
Nieto-Ortega S, Melado-Herreros A, Foti G, Olabarrieta I, Ramilo-Fernandez G, Gonzalez Sotelo C, Teixeira B, Velasco A, Mendes R
Foods 2022, 11(1).  
28/12/2021Marine spatial planning and ocean accounting: Synergistic tools enhancing integration in ocean governance
Gacutan J, Galparsoro I, Pinarbasi K, Murillas A, Adewumi IJ, Praphotjanaporn T, Johnston EL, Findlay KP, Milligan BM
Mar Policy 2022, 136.  
10/01/2022First assessment of floating marine litter abundance and distribution in the Bay of Biscay from an integrated ecosystem survey
Ruiz I, Burgoa I, Santos M, Basurko OC, García-Barón I, Louzao M, Beldarrain B, Kukul D, Valle C, Uriarte A. Valle C, Uriarte Ainhize, Rubio A
Mar Pollut Bull 2022, 174:113266.
11/01/2022Composition and Techno-functional Properties of Grape Seed Flour Protein Extracts
Alvarez-Ossorio C, Orive M, Sanmartín E, Alvarez-Sabatel S, Labidi J, Zufia J, Bald C
ACS Food Science & Technology 2022, 2(1):125-135.  
20/01/2022Editorial: Marine Litter Windrows
Aliani S, Basurko OC, Arias M, Isobe A, Rubio A, Topouzelis K, Cozar A
Frontiers in Marine Science 2022, 8.  
20/01/2022Optimizing size selectivity and catch patterns for hake (Merluccius merluccius) and blue whiting (Micromesistius poutassou) by combining square mesh panel and codend designs
Cuende E, Sistiaga M, Herrmann B, Arregi L
PLoS One 2022, 17(1):e0262602.  
24/01/2022Comparison of three rapid non-destructive techniques coupled with a classifier to increase transparency in the seafood value chain: Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR) and time domain reflectometry (TDR)
Melado-Herreros Á, Nieto-Ortega S, Olabarrieta I, Ramilo-Fernández G, Sotelo CG, Teixeira B, Velasco A, Mendes R
J Food Eng 2022, 322:110979.
05/02/2022Is it possible to improve healthy food habits in schoolchildren? A cross cultural study among Spain and Poland
García-Muñoz S, Barlińska J, Wojtkowska K, Da Quinta N, Baranda A, Alfaro B, Santa Cruz E
Food Qual Prefer 2022, 99:104534.
08/02/2022Erythrocyte Membrane Nanomechanical Rigidity Is Decreased in Obese Patients
Sot J, Garcia-Arribas AB, Abad B,Arranz S, Portune K, Andrade F, Martin-Nieto A, Velasco O, Arana E, Tueros I et al
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2022, 23(3).      
09/02/2022Effect of microwave technology and upcycled orange fibre on the quality of gluten-free muffins
Rodríguez R, Alvarez-Sabatel S, Ríos Y, Rioja P, Talens C
LWT 2022, 158:113148.
09/02/2022Infection Rate in Seabasses Fed with Viscera Parasitised by Anisakid Larvae
Diez G, Briaudeau T, Santurtun M, Aboitiz X, Mendibil I, Maceira A, Bilbao E, Abaroa C, Izagirre U, Soto M
Acta Parasitologica 2022.  
14/02/2022Leveraging capabilities for the creation of a smart, healthy and personalized breakfast: a case study of collaborative innovation in the EU [version 2; peer review: 1 approved, 1 approved with reservations]
Talens C, Rios Y, Santa Cruz E
Open Research Europe 2022, 1(151).  
17/02/2022European consumer segments with a high potential for accepting new innovative fish products based on their food-related lifestyle
Stancu V, Brunsø K, Krystallis A, Guerrero L, Santa Cruz E, Peral I
Food Qual Prefer 2022, 99:104560.
17/02/2022Thermodynamic Analysis of a Regenerative Brayton Cycle Using H2, CH4 and H2/CH4 Blends as Fuel
Lopez-Ruiz G, Castresana-Larrauri J, Blanco-Ilzarbe JM
Energies 2022, 15(4):1508  
22/02/2022Strength and consistency of density dependence in marine fish productivity
Rindorf A, van Deurs M, Howell D, Andonegi E, Berger A, Bogstad B, Cadigan N, Elvarsson BT, Hintzen N, Roland MS et al
Fish Fish 2022.  
03/03/2022Surfing the waves: Environmental and socio-economic aspects of surf tourism and recreation
Román C, Borja A, Uyarra MC, Pouso S
Sci Total Environ 2022, 826:154122.
04/03/2022Species separation efficiency and effect of artificial lights with a horizonal grid in the Basque bottom trawl fishery
Cuende E, Herrmann B, Sistiaga M, Basterretxea M, Edridge A, Mackenzie EK, Kynoch RJ, Diez G
Ocean Coast Manage 2022, 221:106105.
09/03/2022Brewer’s spent dry yeast modulates immunity in gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata)
Konstantinidis I, Firmino J. P., Ruiz A., Iñarra B.,  San Martin D., Estevez A., Fernandes J. M., Gisbert E.
Frontiers in Marine Science 2022.  

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