Neuromarketing and the study of consumer behaviour

From food-related feelings to emotions for the design of new products and communication actions.

Emotions play a central role in our purchasing decision-making process. Understanding how consumers are influenced by their feelings when selecting a product or brand is very useful for companies and in particular, for their R&D and Innovation and marketing departments.

At AZTI we have the latest neuromarketing technologies with equipment for facial expression recognition, eye tracking and devices for measuring physiological parameters such as heart rate or skin sweating (GSR). The operation of our equipment has been validated in our laboratory using reference methodologies.

They are very useful tools for the study of consumer behaviour in the face of different food stimuli and communication and marketing actions (advertising campaigns, website optimisation, packaging, etc.). and are used to:

  • Improved prediction of the successful launch of a new product or of the improvements made to it (formulation, packaging, etc.).
  • Optimisation of product design (web, packaging, food, etc.) to improve the user experience.
  • Optimisation of advertising campaigns and maximisation of the emotional impact of branding.

The combined use of all our equipment allows us to assess the unconscious and objective side of emotions, thus unravelling aspects of behaviour not accessible by traditional methods.

We focus on:

Emotional product test

Test the impact that food products have on consumers. A very useful tool used to predict the success of launching a new product or introducing improvements to the product (formulation, packaging, etc.).

User experience evaluation

Through a complete evaluation of the scene in which the product is handled, we optimise its design to improve the experience.

Support to design product or service communication

We optimise advertising campaigns (Web format, brochures, TV commercials, among others) with the aim of maximising attention in areas of interest while boosting a positive emotional response. Parameters such as average viewing time (time spent), number of views or time to first fixation (time to first fixation) allow us to optimise the visual attention received by the areas of interest.

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