Describe and evaluate the real problem of multispecies and mixed fisheries at the regional level, in their current situation and in the new scenarios (for example, the EU27), with the entry of the Landing Obligation in 2019.

Research objectives

The study addresses three key aspects of the landing obligation implementation in the Atlantic South Western Waters (SWW) fisheries.

  • Identify, using publicly available data sources, stocks that can be considered choke under the implementation of the landing obligation;
  • Investigate fleets, tools and management actions appropriate for each stock/fishery to reduce the deficit between catch and quota, considering also external factors such as climate change and the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU (“Brexit”).
  • Determine stocks of high-risk of being choke species after using (or exploring their use) all the alleviating tools (flexibilities and exemptions) already anticipated in the article 15 of the CFP or any other different management action.

Datos del proyecto


AZTI, IEO Spain.


European Parliament


October 2017 – May 2018