sostenibilidad alimentaria

Efficient and sustainable food chain

We collaborate in improving the competitiveness and sustainability of companies

We develop and generate solutions, products, technologies, tools and strategies that drive a more efficient and sustainable food chain.

Costa con algas y rocas

Food and biotech products

We seek solutions for the valorisation of the oceans and innovation in food production

We work on the development of more sustainable production processes for high added value composites, within a Circular Economy concept.

estanterías supermercado

Food integrity and safety

We specialise in boosting food safety, control and identity

We respond to food companies’ need to maintain quality standards, differentiate their products and improve their positioning in the most demanding markets.


Marine and coastal environmental management

Our challenge is to achieve a sustainable development of our marine activities.

We study and provide knowledge of the marine environment from an integrated point of view (physical, ecological and socio-economic characteristics of marine environments and their interactions) to help in decision making processes of managers and stakeholders.