• Advice and assistance in order to obtain permits for offshore aquaculture production facilities.
  • Hydrodynamic characterisation of the marine environment: Control and monitoring of variables using marine technology.
  • Environmental impact assessment studies for production.
  • Advice on optimising fish and shellfish production
  • Guidance on designing offshore facilities.
  • Development of systems to monitor and supervise aquaculture facilities.
  • Development of coastal monitoring systems.


  • Feeding strategies: Feeding frequency and duration, ration calculation, loss control, feed conversion rate optimisation, etc.
  • Operational strategies: Planning and standardisation of fish and shellfish handling. Equipment management and use.
  • Animal welfare and biosafety during production.
  • Environmental and health monitoring networks for the marine environment during production.
  • Advice on designing production technologies: long-line systems, marine cages, etc. and setting up production facilities (installation and zootechnics).
  • Big Data and Industry 4.0 solutions: predictive models, nondestructive advanced sensorics.


  • Eco-efficient production plans for material, water, and energy savings. Shrinkage, loss, discharge, waste andemission minimisation.
  • Safe use of food by-products as a feed source in aquaculture.
  • Ergonomic improvements for processes and facilities.
  • Innovative strategies for by-products recovery in aquaculture.
  • Calculation of the environmental footprint for aquaculture products and activities.
  • Software to optimise consumption and to monitor, improve and communicate sustainability.


  • Use of bacteriophages in aquaculture as a sustainable alternative to antibiotics and product quality assurance.

New products, Consumer

  • Product quality characterisation.
  • Presentation and packaging for minimally processed products.
  • New processed product development. Transformation and conservation technologies.
  • Support for the marketing of fish and aquaculture products.
  • Study on consumption habits and acceptability of aquaculture species in consumers and HORECA.


  • Preparation of strategic innovation plans.
  • Market analysis and development of business models.

Our tools

Applicable sectors

  • Aquaculture sector; producers, service providers and suppliers.
  • Public administration.
  • Fisheries sector (diversification of activity, complementarity with aquaculture sector).
  • Maritime sector (auxiliary industry).
  • Agro-food sector (product transformation).
  • Product marketing and distribution sectors.
  • Business development and/or entrepreneurship agencies.
  • Energy sector (multi-purpose).
  • Customised and developed with the client according to their needs (public-private actors, private companies, etc.).

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