We performe the energy consumption assessment of the vessel’s operation. We analyse the vessel’s operational pattern to find out how much fuel is consumed and when and why it is consumed.

To do so, we analyse the layout of the vessel’s machinery, power generation equipment and fuel consuming equipment. We use portable meters and measuring equipment in accordance with client specifications to monitor the energy performance of the vessel and carry out subsequent data analysis.

Data analysis is contrasted with interviews with crew members to establish a relationship between the operating conditions and fuel consumption in such conditions.

We provide advice on technical and operational optimisation solutions based on the energy consumption of the vessel and we analyse their technical and economic feasibility.

Applicable sectors

Fisheries sector and merchant navy.


  • Knowing how much fuel is consumed, when and why it is consumed enables energy efficiency and effective fuel saving measures to be implemented, focusing on the client’s specific case.
  • The energy audit method developed at AZTI identifies fuel consumption in the different stages of vessel’s operation. This knowledge enables technical and operational improvements to be formulated, adapted to the specific conditions in each case, along with specific economic feasibility studies for technical improvements on board the vessel, offering client decision-making with detailed information.

The information obtained enables better techniques and operations to be formulated, adapted to the specific conditions of each case


  • The benefits of energy audits are generally immediate, with potential savings mainly depending on initial operating conditions.
  • The implementation period for these audits depends on the vessel’s operational pattern since it will affect the vessel’s availability and the possibility of on board assistance, thus varying between 3 and 12 months.

The benefits of energy audits are generally immediate, with potential savings mainly depending on the vessel’s initial operating conditions

Proven track record

  • AZTI has the necessary ffixed and portable measuring tools to perform energy audits (torque meters, volumetric and ultrasound flow meters, a portable electric power logger, energy meters, gas analysers, data acquisition systems, etc.)
  • Furthermore, years of experience in R&D&I projects have enabled AZTI to develop a proven method optimising the work performed.

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