A control System that allows to monitor how energy is generated and consumed on board hybrid-propelled vessels and which, in turn, through various indicators, allows analyzing the carbon footprint of the vessel according to its activity.

The System includes a platform that allows to register, measure and calculate the data from different sources. Through the combination of all the parameters, the system allows to visualize the data on navigation, consumption, generation and efficiency through a simple interface.

This system has been developed within the framework of the project ORTZE-CV: hybrid propulsion coastal vessels (R+D in highly-efficient technologies and reduced emissions on power systems in coastal vessels), framed in the program HAZITEK of the Basque Government (https://www.ortze-cv.com/).


  • Knowledge for the proper energy management of the hybrid propulsion vessel.
  • Obtaining indicators of energy efficiency of the activity.
  • Real and detailed knowledge of the ship’s operations.

Applicable sectors

  • Public administrations and official bodies (through H2020 strategy, sustainable fishing fleet, control of fleets, environmental impact analysis, etc.)
  • Commercial fishing fleet and companies in the marine sector

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