Key results

A solution has been developed to calculate, verify and communicate the environmental impact of Mediterranean aquaculture products according to the European Product Environmental Footprint methodology.
With the implementation of the tool, the Aquapef software tool will also make it possible to identify the causes and origins of the impacts, thus facilitating decision-making based on environmental criteria.


Promote the implementation of the PEF initiative and methodology into the Mediterranean aquaculture sector by developing an integrative methodology and tool to facilitate data availability, footprint calculation, verification and B2B and B2C communication.

This project will validate and demonstrate the usefulness of PEF methodology as an effective tool for environmental improvement of aquaculture products in an easy and comprehensive way.

Expected results

  • A stakeholder roundtable for the sustainability of the Mediterranean aquaculture.
  • New dataset for the Mediterranean aquaculture sector.
  • Easy-to-use software tool for the EU product environmental footprint calculation.
  • List with key potential environmental improvements actions and strategies.
  • New ecological indicator(s) to complement the PEF methodology.
  • Reduction of 7,695 ton CO2 within the project; around 2,531 m3 of water; 13,300 tonnes of feed wastes and valorise 200 ton of biowastes within the project.
  • Validate the PEF methodology in three aquaculture farms producing among the three 7,500 tons of fish.
  • New communication strategies to enhance competitiveness of aquaculture companies.
  • A reliable and effective communication plan of the environmental benefits. More than 5,000 consumers are expected to interact with the project.
  • Awareness and empowerment material for the aquaculture companies and national associations.
  • Replicability actions in 8 aquaculture farms.
  • Transference webinar sessions, the solution to other Food PEF working groups

Project Data


AZTI (leader), Cultivos Marinos de Guardamar, FORKYS, HELLENIC, INGENET, Kathollieke Universiteit Leuven, SKIRONIS.


Comisión Europea, DG Environment, European Comission DG Environment


2018 – 2021

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