Data collection is a fundamental aspect of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). It provides the information required to develop scientific guidance on how to manage the fishery resources exploited by European fleets. The European framework that regulates this data collection is called the DCMAP- Data Collection Multi-Annual Plan (Executive Decision 2016/1251 of the Commission and Regulation 2017/1004 of the European Parliament and of the Council).

AZTI is responsible for collecting data on the status of marine resource exploitation and the marine ecosystem in relation to Basque fleets and fish landings made at Basque ports. In order to respond to the obligations set out by the DCMAP, AZTI’s programme of work includes:

  • Sampling variables at ports and offshore (catches, effort, etc.) for commercial fishing, including the information collected by the fisheries sector (fishing logbooks, first sale notes, etc.).
  • Sampling of biological parameters of species (size, weight, age, sex, maturity).
  • Carrying out scientific campaigns at sea.
  • Sampling recreational fishing.
  • Analysing all the information collected and setting out annual sampling plans.
  • Sampling coordination nationally and internationally.
  • Preparing basic information for international stock assessment working groups (catch matrices by size, age, etc.).

This work on analysing scientific data contributes to the sustainable exploitation of resources and fishery activities

Applicable sectors

  • Public administrations and official bodies.
  • Fisheries sector.
  • Society.


  • Respond to the requirements of the European framework on data collection, management and use for the fisheries sector (DCMAP).
  • Provide the information required to assess:
    • The status of fish stocks.
    • The socio-economics of fishing fleets.
    • The effects of fisheries on the ecosystem.
    • The effect of fishery management measures.
  • Contribute to the sustainable exploitation of resources and fishery activities by analysing scientific data.

Proven track record

  • Multi-disciplinary team.
  • Experience in data collection for the fisheries sector since 1986.
  • Has formed part of the European data collection framework since it began in 2002.
  • Active participation in working groups for Regional Fishery Management Organisations (such as ICES, ICCAT and IOTC).

Protocol guides to download

Commercial fishing

At sea sampling:

Onshore sampling

Samples management

Recreational fishing

  • Sampling design and manual for offsite surveys.

Scientific evaluation surveys

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