MedAID aims to increase the overall competitiveness and sustainability of the Mediterranean marine fish farming aquaculture sector, throughout the whole value chain. Its objectives will be achieved:

  • Through a holistic assessment to identify the main technical, environmental, economic and social challenges which may condition the sustainability of the sector,
  • By addressing those technical, environmental, economic and social challenges that the sector currently faces,
  • By developing innovative knowledge and tools to improve the performance of the production systems, creating and fostering added-value products and socially acceptable business plans.


  • MedAID will combine socioeconomics, biological sciences and food technology to improve competitiveness for the industry by providing strategies for optimizing production processes, marketing, business, administration and sector image and governance.
  • The project will provide integrated solutions targeted at solving specific industrial bottlenecks throughout the whole value chain.
  • Guides and recommendations produced by MedAID will widen the range of available tools and allow harmonization, networking and data sharing for analysis at regional level.

Project Data


MedAID is a consortium of 34 partners from 12 countries, composed by experienced R&D groups, companies and institutions from different backgrounds that will interact to face the sector’s constraints to provide state-of-the-art and applied research results, guidelines for improving zootechnical performance, business plans, and integrated recommendations for governance.


European Union in the frame of Horizon 2020, grant agreement number 727315.



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