All products have the maximum whey content in the formulation and can be labelled as a “source of protein”.

A sliced and shredded milk preparation, a sauce with the taste and aroma of aged cheese, a drink with fruit juice and a soluble cocoa product are the prototypes ready to be transferred to companies.

Benefits for your company

  • Expand your product range.
  • To give greater added value to the valorisation of the whey.
  • To diversify the options for the valorisation of the whey.
  • Minimize whey management costs.
  • Minimize environmental impact.

Sectors of application

  • Dairy sector.
  • Cooperatives.


  • Immediate.
  • Estimated implementation time: 2-3 months.

Ripe sheep’s cheese aroma sauce

  • Liquid whey-based sauce with the aroma of pasteurized mature sheep’s cheese.
  • Gourmet product.
  • Applicable to finishing dishes, garnishes…
  • Substitute for béchamel and gratin.
  • It can be made into a spread by adjusting the texture.
  • Refrigerated product.
  • Horeca, Retail and Mass Market.
  • There is no similar product in the market with an idiazabal flavour.

Whey beverage with fruit juice

  • Drink based on buttermilk with fruit juice.
  • High quality nutritional drink.
  • Source of protein.
  • Low sodium.
  • Low in fat.
  • Contains the equivalent of 35% orange juice.
  • No added sugar.
  • Refrigerated product.
  • Horeca, Retail and Mass Market.
  • For consumers looking for a refreshing and nutritious drink that provides digestible protein and no sugar.

Sliced or grated milk product

  • Dairy product made from discarded cheese and mixed whey.
  • Substitute for the vegetable fat analogue.
  • Possibility of incorporating ingredients such as aromas/flavours and colourings.
  • Consumption of the product in slices (for sandwiches) or grated (for pizzas, pasta…)
  • The product can be adapted to the needs/taste of the customer.
  • Refrigerated product.
  • Market: HORECA.

Product soluble in powder with cocoa enriched with milk protein

  • Powdered product with whey and cocoa to reconstitute with water and drink hot.
  • Possibility of consumption “on the go”.
  • Stable drink after reconstitution (without phase separation).
  • Product of habitual consumption, even daily, enriched in proteins.
  • Product easy to prepare and consume.
  • Horeca, Retail and Mass Market.
  • For a child or senior consumer or sportsman…

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