Main objective

The objective of this Innovation Action is the development and adoption of alternative animal feeds setting up a circular economy approach in the livestock production by turning the by-products of the food industry into high value secondary feedstuff for animal feed. The project also focusses on the increase of the sustainability of the Mediterranean livestock through the valorisation of local food industry by-products that will lead to reduced environmental impact and costs.


The overall methodology focuses on activities directly aiming at testing and demonstrating the technical and economic viability of alternatives feed resources from improved food industry by-products in the Mediterranean Area.

Three different value chains of the Mediterranean area will be validated to create new business opportunities:

  • The 1st case study (Spain) will assess the use of grape stem from wineries as a second-generation feedstuff to produce a new feed ingredient for ruminants (dairy sheep and cattle).
  • The 2nd case study (Greece) will assess the use of orange peel from orange juice industries to produce an improved feed ingredient (dairy sheep).
  • The 3rd case study (Egypt) will assess the use of olive oil industry by-products to produce feed ingredient for poultry.

Innovative Approach

The innovation potential which this proposal represents is based on the concept of applying bioprocessing techniques in a cascade approach to increase the nutritional value of by-products (solid fermentation) and to improve the assimilation of nutrients by animals (hydrolysis). The stabilization ensures the nutritional value, food safety and shelf life of ingredients.

Expected results:

The project relevance to the specific topic is based on the following expected impacts:

  • Development and adoption of at least 3 new alternative feed sources from winery, orange juice and olive oil industry by-products.
  • Adoption of 3 circular economy approaches in the livestock production by valorising food industry by-products (winery, orange juice & olive oil sectors) as alternative feed for livestock (dairy cattle and sheep & poultry) to produce new products (dairy & meat) for human consumption.
  • Valorisation of 3 local crops by-products (grape, orange and olive) for animal feeding by 3 innovative valorisation strategies adapted to the local food industry and livestock requirements, but replicable to other Mediterranean area regions.
  • Reduce the cost of production of livestock by providing 3 alternative feeds and improve the quality of the final products by ensuring compliance with the husbandry and animals nutritional requirements.
  • Favor mix crop-livestock systems by strengthening their partnerships and collaboration. This impact will be assured by the participation of stakeholders that represent the interests of this value chain.

Common objectives with national, regional and UN policies

The proposed solutions are in line with national and regional strategies and policies, as they are based on circular economy schemes, and will be carried out in collaboration with key stakeholders considering a multi-stakeholder approach. This proposal will also contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and will help to develop a sustainable and efficient agriculture, livestock and food systems.

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AZTI (Coordinator, Spain), NEIKER (Spain), RIERA NADEU (Spain), UAGA (Spain), Bodegas Baigorri (Spain), Confederación Española de Fabricantes de Alimentos Compuestos para Animales (Spain), National Technical University of Athens (Greece), Federation of Hellenic Food Industries (Greece), University of Western Macedonia (Greece), Hellenic Agricultural Organisation – Demeter (Greece), Middle East Technical University (Turkey), Heliopolis University of Egypt (Egypt), Sekem Development Foundation (Egypt), Isis for Food Industries (Egypt)


 PRIMA programme, supported and funded under EU Horizon 2020 Framework.



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