• Conduct an analysis of the current situation of the management of by-products generated by the sectors producing olive oil and rapeseed oil.
  • Develop different processes for the recovery of these by leveraging the knowledge and technical skills of the different members of the consortium, from extraction technologies for obtaining valuable compounds for food and cosmetic applications to the production of energy and fertilizers with the resulting fractions.
  •  Analyze the possible ways to integrate these technological alternatives in the most efficient way in each of the geographical areas involved in the study.
  •  Analyze the technical, economic, legal and environmental feasibility aspects of each of the proposed alternatives.
  •  Define the conditions for the implementation of these up-grading alternatives and their possibilities for extrapolation to other regions.
  •  To disseminate the project results to sectors and stakeholders in each of the countries and regions participating in the study.

Expected results:

  •  The reduction of the environmental impact generated by the Oleaginous Processing sector.
  •  An improvement of the competitiveness of the sector through the diversification of their activities and management costs reduction.
  •  The promotion of new economic activities by the obtaining of products with application in agronomic, cosmetic, food and feed sectors.
  •  The fulfilment and implementation of the environmental regulations in waste management and renewable energies in each participant country.
  •  The development of new ad hoc solutions based in the effective and sustainable combination of several valorisation technologies that will be assayed by different partners.

Project Data


This Project is supported by ERANet-LAC 1st joint call. Ref. ELAC2014/BEE-0364

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