The LATXA ENERGY Project works to turn the latxo sheep sector into an active agent in the electrification of consumption, through small, widely distributed generations, with multiple owners, and with new models of exchange and sharing of infrastructures and energy.


  • Improve the environmental performance of latxo sheep farms, through energy efficiency, power generation and reduction of the environmental footprint.
  • Highlight the development of products of differentiated quality, with a quantified and improved environmental footprint and with minimal energy expenditure
  • Contribute from the latxo sheep sector to the generation of clean energies that contribute to achieving an increasingly sustainable energy system in terms of competitiveness, security of supply and low carbon


Evaluate the sustainability of DO Idiazabal cheese-making cheese factories, from the milk of their herd, using the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) methodology, with special emphasis on their energy consumption, with the aim of improving energy efficiency and power generation at points of consumption, thus reducing the environmental footprint.

  1. Pilot Project in Kerixara sll (Oleta – Álava)
  2. Pilot Project in Etxezuri ez (Aretxabaleta – Gipuzkoa)
  3. Pilot Project in Neiker (Arkaute – Álava


Generar beneficios en el ámbito medioambiental, social y económico:

Generate benefits in the environmental, social and economic sphere:

  • 5% reduction in the Environmental Footprint of latxo sheep farms and cheese factories
  • Generate a framework to advance energy sovereignty in the Latxo sheep sector
  • 20% reduction in energy costs in latxo sheep farms and cheese factories

Quesería Kerixara, Noemi Salazar Consultoría-Ingeniería, Quesería Etxezuri, Asociación Artzai Gazta, Cooperativa Latxa Esnea, Grupo Goiener, Neiker, AZTI.



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Proyecto financiado por el Gobierno Vasco, en el marco del Programa OSOA (Programa de Desarrollo Rural de Euskadi 2014-2020) a través del fondo Europeo FEADER


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