AZTI has prepared a Food Ecodesign Guide with the aim of providing the food sector with a tool to make products more competitive, a practical manual that covers all the steps necessary for food products to reduce their environmental impact throughout their entire life cycle, from production to disposal.

The use of the Ecodesign Guide for Foods allows companies to reduce the environmental impact and costs of production, processing and marketing, which means providing a differentiated and innovative value of their products within an increasingly competitive market. Eco-design brings other benefits to companies, such as better meeting the demand of consumers, who are increasingly aware that food is a crucial element of the sustainability of the planet. In addition to these competitive advantages, ecodesign contributes to compliance with environmental legislation and to the improvement of the image of products and companies.

A guide that provides the food sector with all the keys to understanding the concept of ecodesign and applying it throughout the entire life cycle of its products. Among other contents, it describes the phases of ecodesign, the strategies for ecodesign of foodstuffs and shows examples of ecodesign actions, such as the selection of ingredients with low environmental impact, the most efficient production techniques and the efficient distribution options.

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