Although local consumption is not yet comparable with conventional consumption, its interest is growing exponentially in recent years.

However, despite the fact that many initiatives and certifications promote and communicate the value and quality of local products, many food products from the ACBC, such as cheese, beans or potatoes, compete at a disadvantage with global and/or imported products because they cannot compete in price.

For this reason, the need has been identified to create an objective and quantifiable methodology that will highlight the environmental and socio-economic benefits offered by these types of products.

The methodology developed consists of a set of internationally recognized indicators that evaluate and quantify in a robust and harmonized way the environmental, economic and social impacts of the products of the local food chain to highlight their strengths and identify their weaknesses.

In the future, it is hoped that this methodology will serve as a tool to help the different agents that are currently investing efforts in promoting the sustainability of agri-food products in the Basque Country.

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