Marine Biodiversity loss is continuing to decline despite current conservation efforts. Reversing the decline in biodiversity requires rapid roll out of effective conservation measures that can also enable a sustainable and resilient blue economy. Social-ecological systems-thinking and Ecosystem-Based Management are globally recognized tools to enable balanced marine development and conservation.


The main goal of marine sabres is to conserve and protect biodiversity by integrating sustainable ecosystems and a resilient blue economy. For this purpose, Marine SABRES will co-design as Simple Social Ecological Systems approach (the Simple SES) to rapidly enable and upscale EBM across Europe and abroad. Marine SABRES will also carry out the following actions:

  • Set European marine management on a course to reverse biodiversity decline.
  • Conserve and protect biodiversity by integrating sustainable ecosystems and a resilient blue economy enable managers to make sustainable decisions.
  • Empower citizens to engage with marine biodiversity conservation.
  • Promote sustainable development and in coastal and marine sectors. 

1. MaREI UCC, 2. LifewatchERIC, 3. ARDITI (Agencia Regional para o Desenvolvimento da Investigacao, Tecnologia e Inovacao – Associacao), 4. DTU Danmarks Tekniske Universitet, 5. Blue Resource SJOKOVIN, 6. ECOLOGIC INSTITUT, 7. IASS Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, 8. MFRI Hafrannsoknastofnun, Rannsokna- Og Radgjafarstofnun Hafs Og Vatna, 9. AZTI, 10. HuFoSS Stichting Hummel Foundation For Sustainable Solutions, 11. UNIPI Universita di Pisa, 12. SAI Stofnun Vilhjalms Stefanssonar, 13. KU Klaipedos Universitetas, 14. ULPGC Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 15. WR Wageningen Research, 16. AAU Aalborg Universitet, 17. UAc Universidade Dos Acores, 18. NIOZ, 19. WWF Denmark, 20. CEFAS The Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, 21. IECS International Estuarine & Coastal Specialists Ltd, 22. UoP University of Portsmouth




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