EuskOOS is the operational oceanography system of the Basque coast operated by Euskalmet with the technologica advice of AZTI. It has three objectives:

  • To provide a precise description of the current state of the sea along the CAE coastline.
  • Proportioning continuous predictions of the future conditions of the sea.
  • Provide  ocean-meteorological products to the Basque coast users.

EuskOOS data are integrated in many products related to the sectors of the so-called blue economy and sustainable management of resources.

Benefits for your company / product

  • Improving predictions of coastal maritime risk
  • To optimise actions related to rescue, maritime safety, response to climate change and the fight against pollution.
  • Improve the signposting of risk areas, with special emphasis on the safety of activities such as bathing on beaches, diving, surfing, sport fishing, recreational sailing, etc.
  • Knowing and predicting surface currents, salinity and temperature of the Gulf of Biscay
  • Prediction of the energy resource (marine energies) in real time.
  • Grouped access to oceanographic information:
    • video-monitoring systems of currents on beaches (KostaSystem);
    • Real-time weather conditions in the ports of Bilbao and Pasaia;
    • Real-time data from deep-sea buoys, tide gauges and high-frequency radars;
    • operational oceanography activity of the Basque coast;
    • prediction of the energy resource in the Mutriku Wave Power Plant, BIMEP test platform, position of the Donostia buoy;
    • latest developments related to Basque oceanography.
    • Link to portals such as Emodnet, marine services such as Copernicus, other ocean observation systems (GOOS, EuroGOOS, IBI-ROOS), etc.

Sectors of application

  • Public administrations (civil protection, road safety, etc.)
  • Tourism and leisure sector
  • Marine energy sector
  • Sectors and economic activities in which the weather and climate have special relevance (agriculture, fishing, etc.).
  • Society in general

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